Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

ACE: Ajax Client Engine

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Li Shen has released Ajax Client Engine (ACE), a Javascript component wrapper around XmlHttpRequest under the MIT license. Li also wrote an article on ACE for the December issue of the asp.netPro magazine, though you need to be a subscriber to view the article online.

The main featuers of ACE are:

  • simple, object-oriented API with three main classes
  • cross-browser support
  • synchronous or asynchronous support
  • callback arguments
  • callback options, such as when the callback is called and when the request is really done
  • optional tracing engine
  • built-in optional caching service that will store a response for a specified period of time
  • optional polling service for requests on a regular interval
  • common callbacks provided for typical use cases
  • exception handling

You can see the tracing in action at the examples, or just go right to the download it and try it out.

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