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Acid 3: Opera Passed?

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It appears that Opera has passed Acid 3:

Since the test was officially announced recently, our Core developers have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding the missing standards support.

Today we reached a 100% pass rate for the first time! There are some remaining issues yet to be fixed, but we hope to have those sorted out shortly.

We will release a technical preview version on within the next week or so. For now, the screenshot above shows the Acid3 test as rendered in our latest WinGogi Desktop build. WinGogi is the Windows version of our reference builds used for the internal testing of Opera’s platform independent Core.

At the same time, Ian Hickson posted about changes to the test and Anne has commented that Opera is passing the latest and greatest:

“The updates from Ian have been done since the release of the test. Opera gets 100/100 on the latest version of the test.”

  • Sub-pixel testing: It turns out that the original test accidentally required that browsers implement sub-pixel positioning and layout (and in fact the reference rendering got it wrong too, and relied on the same kind of rounding as Firefox does), which is somewhat dubious. I’ve changed the test to not rely on sub-pixel layout. However, it is very likely that this will be tested in Acid4, if we can get the specs to be clearer on this.
  • Surrogate pairs in SVG APIs: One of the submitted tests assumed that SVG APIs worked on Unicode codepoints, but the SVG spec changed to work on UTF-16 codepoints, like the rest of the DOM API, so the test was changed there. (The test changed a couple of times, because I originally got the fix wrong.)
  • The click() method: The test originally assumed that the click() method was reentrant, but the specs were vague on this and someone suggested making it fail if calls to it were nested, so I removed this part of the test (the spec hasn’t been updated yet). I replaced it with an attribute test (the new second part of subtest 64).
  • The Performance Test: I made the loop counter in the performance test (a part of subtest 63) less complicated and shorter, to make it at least plausible that browsers could be fixed to pass that test quickly enough that it wouldn’t always feel jerky. At the same time, I updated the test’s infrastructure to report more details about pass and fail conditions and how long each subtest takes to run.
  • Namespace bug: Someone noticed that should have been in one of the subtests.
  • Linktest timeout
  • I made the linktest more resilient to slow network conditions. However, the test is still going to give you major issues if you are on a network with multi-second latency, or if the site is being slow.

Congrats to the Opera team!

Oh, and Safari is at 95/100 and will close in on 100 shortly.


Hixie has another update:

Just as Reddit is celebrating Opera reaching 100/100, with the misleading headline Opera the first browser to pass the Acid3 test (hey, submitter: it wouldn’t hurt to read the Opera blog post before submitting it to Reddit), the Apple guys track me down and point out that there’s yet another bug in the test. With heycam’s help, we have now fixed the test. Again. This presumably means Opera is now at 99/100… the race continues!

I have to say, by the way, that the relevant parts of the SVG spec are truly worthless. Where are the UA conformance criteria? You’d think a spec that was so verbose and detailed would actually tell you stuff, instead of just rambling on without actually saying what the requirements were…

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The updates from Ian have been done since the release of the test. Opera gets 100/100 on the latest version of the test.

Comment by Anne van Kesteren — March 26, 2008

Safari nightlies won’t be far behind for 100/100 – days from now probably. Where is Firefox on Acid3?

Comment by Jeffrey — March 26, 2008

Firefox 3 is soon out and it is simply too late to pass the Acid 3 test. Seems like Ian chooses to release a new Acid test each time a new Firefox release leaves the alpha stadium ;)

Happy that Opera made it. They f. rock.

Comment by Jeria — March 26, 2008

Caught me quite by surprise … with the webkit team being very vocal about their progress, and not hearing anything from Norway, this came out of the blue for me.

Good to see that there’s real competition in the browser market these days.

*don’t mention the war*

Comment by MorganRoderick — March 26, 2008

That was quick :D

Comment by p01 — March 26, 2008

About IE 8 only passing Acid 2 on a certain URL. This reminds me a bit of what I wrote about IE and Acid 2 before they decided that IE 8 standards mode was going to be default:

Comment by Jeria — March 26, 2008


Thanks for the clarification. I have fixed the main post. Congrats.



Comment by Dion Almaer — March 26, 2008

I actually prefer Opera to Firefox. If it weren’t for all those must-have extensions (Firebug, webdev toolbar, adblock plus, …) I’d be using Opera as my main browser.

Comment by Anonymous — March 26, 2008

@Jeffrey: Unless you know something I don’t know, I wouldn’t count on WebKit getting 100/100 in “days” – since it would have to implement SMIL in SVG (and apparently that’s buggy and disabled in WebKit trunk)

Comment by codedread — March 26, 2008

Thats not fair; I dont think you get to claim victory until you release something. My Opera gets 66/100. Easter build, March 18th, the latest available on the Desktop Team blog.

Comment by rektide — March 26, 2008

Safari webkit get 98 with the latest 31316 build

Comment by MySchizoBuddy — March 26, 2008

to “Comment by Anonymous — March 26, 2008”
Actually it has been said many time , that in stable 9.5 release there will be a webPanel , somethin like in latest safari.

Comment by mefisto — March 26, 2008

@rektide: Most reports, and my own tests, show the Easter build up to 77/100 on the latest Acid3 revision. Your score of 66 is more akin to the Feb 29th build. If you’re sure the Easter build installed okay, and you cleared your cache before running the test, you should consider reporting the disparity to Opera.

Comment by michaelhart — March 26, 2008

Looks like Webkit beat Opera to the release. I just downloaded the latest nightly and it passes Acid3.

Comment by pkenoyer — March 26, 2008

I’d love to mess around with the Opera build that passes 3, but for all intents and purposes it doesnt exist.
Ann, care to provide access? :)
Using the WK nightly that passes right now.

Comment by Carbon43 — March 27, 2008


My opera

i686, 2.6.18-8.1.10.el5
Qt library
Java Runtime Environment installed

Acid 3 test


…. 100/100 ?…. LIE!!!!!!!

Comment by MaBoRaK — March 27, 2008

As of yesterday, Opera is at officially back at 100/100, with the whitespace between the ‘,’ and the ‘a’ and everything. They released the winGogi and linGogi builds on their labs page

Comment by p01 — March 29, 2008

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