Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Acid 3 Ships; WebKit praised

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Acid 3 has been released.

Jon Tan ran a few tests and posted the results. Hixie commented on his blog about the release, and praised WebKit on how they have been closing a large number of bugs:

I have to say straight up that I’ve been really impressed with the WebKit team. Even before the test was finished, they were actively following up every single bug the test showed. Safari 3 (the last released version) scores 39/100 with bad rendering errors. At the start of last month their nightly builds were scoring about 60/100 with serious rendering errors. Now barely a month later the nightly builds are already up to 87/100 and most of the rendering errors are fixed. That’s a serious testament to their commitment to standards.

So, the results that we know of are:

  • Firefox 50%
  • Firefox 3.0b3: 61%
  • Opera 9.26: 46%
  • Safari 3.0.4: 39%
  • WebKit Nightly: 87%

The real key though… IE 8? :)

Oh, and take some time to view source on the test itself and enjoy some of the fun JavaScript:


  1. function () {
  2.       // test 11: Ranges and Comments
  3.       var msg;
  4.       var doc = getTestDocument();
  5.       var c1 = doc.createComment("11111");
  6.       doc.appendChild(c1);
  7.       var r = doc.createRange();
  8.       r.selectNode(c1);
  9.       msg = 'wrong exception raised';
  10.       try {
  11.         r.surroundContents(doc.createElement('a'));
  12.         msg = 'no exception raised';
  13.       } catch (e) {
  14.         if ('code' in e)
  15.           msg += '; code = ' + e.code;
  16.         if (e.code == 3)
  17.           msg = '';
  18.       }
  19.       assert(msg == '', "when inserting <a> into Document with another child: " + msg);
  20.       var c2 = doc.createComment("22222");
  21.       doc.body.appendChild(c2);
  22.       var c3 = doc.createComment("33333");
  23.       doc.body.appendChild(c3);
  24.       r.setStart(c2, 2);
  25.       r.setEnd(c3, 3);
  26.       var msg = 'wrong exception raised';
  27.       try {
  28.         r.surroundContents(doc.createElement('a'));
  29.         msg = 'no exception raised';
  30.       } catch (e) {
  31.         if ('code' in e)
  32.           msg += '; code = ' + e.code;
  33.         if (e.code == 1)
  34.           msg = '';
  35.       }
  36.       assert(msg == '', "when trying to surround two halves of comment: " + msg);
  37.       assertEquals(r.toString(), "", "comments returned text");
  38.       return 1;
  39. }

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Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:08 am

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just tried it in IE7:

Grand score of 12/100!

Comment by adamjimenez — March 4, 2008

Well, I think it’s just fair to list the latest FF nightly as well: 66/100


Lookis good, especially if you consider that FF is no longer in “free-ride” and nowadays has to evaluate any patch for security implications and compatiblity problems prior to commiting it (just look at the disussions about oncopy and onpaste events!)

Comment by Hans Schmucker — March 4, 2008

I get 67 using the same build.

Comment by Matt — March 4, 2008

More interesting is the comment in Hixie’s blog:
“Also, I have to say, it was quite difficult to find standards compliance bugs in WebKit to use in the test. I had to go the extra mile to get WebKit to score low! This was not the case with most of the other browsers”

Comment by olliej — March 4, 2008

Not sure I agree with the idea of including SVG tests in here. There’s no written rule that says web browsers need to support SVG. Seems to me testing XHTML would be of greater importance.

Granted, looking at the major browsers left out there, this only hurts IE, and means that it is unlikely they will ever reach 100% on Acid3 (unless testing with an obsolete and unmaintained plugin is acceptable).

Comment by Keith — March 4, 2008

Why not Keith? SVG is specd out by the W3C. Not only that, but as resolution independence continues to grow, so will the need for vector content.

Just because Microsoft doesn’t like supporting SVG as a standard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included in the test. In fact, it may be a good thorn in their side to begin supporting it.

Comment by Carbon43 — March 4, 2008

But how well do the browsers handle these tests?


Comment by TNO — March 4, 2008

IE6: 12/100.

Comment by dearsina — March 5, 2008

IE8 Beta 1:


+ IE8 is pretty damn sluggish!

Comment by adamjimenez — March 5, 2008

The best part of this is NOT how WebKit SVN beats everything by a mile. The best part is that Internet Explorer 5.5 beats both 6.0 and 7.0!


Comment by Tycho — March 7, 2008

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