Sunday, June 1st, 2008 PDF and Flash sitting in a tree

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Ever since Macromedia and Adobe merged, we have been waiting for a day where PDF and Flash played really nice together, and today is the day. Very symbolic for the folks from the companies before the merge.

As TechCrunch says:

At the same time Adobe is launching, it is releasing Acrobat 9—a major upgrade to one of its anchor desktop apps. the big news here is that for the first time, Adobe’s PDF-creating desktop software will supports Flash. So people can now create documents with embedded Flash movies from YouTube, or developers can design entire new skins for electronic documents using Adobe’s Flex framework—the same programming tool they use to create Web applications.

PDF documents made with Acrobat 9 also support collaboration among multiple authors and reviewers over the Internet, making them connected documents. Best of all, they no longer take forever to load. The next step is for Adobe to make it easy to turn any PDF into a Web page, and vice versa. Services

This is the biggest news for me. itself is a very nice integration of Buzzword, ConnectNow, PDF, and Share. It feels quite snappy (despite the “loading…”), and there are a lot of nice animations of course. A good showcase for Flex.

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Comment by hanushh — June 2, 2008

Why do I feel somewhat hesitant about flash in PDF’s? For some reason it just doesn’t feel right. Am I the only one?

I guess the biggest question I have is, why?

Comment by tysonofyork — June 2, 2008

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Comment by Snipper — May 28, 2010

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