Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Adding AJAX to a website step by step

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In his latest post, HTML_AJAX package developer Joshua Eichorn shares his methods for adding Ajax to an example website (with HTML_AJAX‘s help, of course), and he shows it step-by-step.

When looking at a adding AJAX you have a couple decisions you’ll want to make up front. One is what tools your going to use. In the webthumb case thats pretty easy. Webthumb is a simple PHP app and doesn’t use a framework, so I need a nice general PHP/AJAX framework that is easy to use, HTML_AJAX fits that need.

After picking my tools I need to decide what my goals are. My main focus will be to improve usability, but I also want to use AJAX to make the site seem a bit flashier, so its a bit of a technology demo too.

The Webthumb mentioned there is a pet project of his, allowing for the generation of thumbnails taken directly of websites (more on that here). He uses an updated to this application as his illustration.

He demonstrates the remoting functionality, his use of a class named RequestStatus for finding the status of the Ajax connection, exporting this in the PHP (easy thanks to HTML_AJAX), and make the actual calls to the backend with the newly exported function.

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