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Adobe AIR v1.0 & Flex 3.0 Released; New Adobe Open Source Site Launched

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Continuing their march into the RIA space, Adobe announced today the official release of AIR v1.0 and Flex 3.0.

Adobe has taken the beta off of the wrapper as their have released both AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0.

As Ajax developers, Adobe is trying hard to get us developing applications, not just Flash folks. They have a place for us to start with AIR:

The new Adobe AIR runtime enables Ajax developers to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) that deploy on the desktop. AIR applications run across operating systems on the WebKit HTML engine and are easily delivered using a single installer file. With Adobe AIR, Ajax developers can use their existing skills and code to build responsive, highly engaging applications that combine the power of local resources and data with the reach of the web.

Adobe AIR

The AIR runtime and SDK has gone through an especially long beta cycle (since June 2007) to ensure that both security and compatibility with existing frameworks was achieved. Some key new and/or updated features include:

  • Enhanced Desktop Fucntionality: Drag and drop to the operating system, copy and paste between applications, launching of AIR applications from the desktop or the browser, and run in the background with notifications.
  • Data Access: Adobe AIR now provides both synchronous and asynchronous access to the local file system, as well as structured data within a local database. This database is implemented using the open source SQLite database.
  • JS Library Support: Most major Ajax frameworks can be used to build AIR applications. Supported frameworks include jQuery, Ext JS, Dojo, and Spry. Adobe AIR integrates JavaScript and ActionScript to allow cross-scripting between the two languages, and integrated rendering of Flash and HTML content.
  • Security: Applications built on Adobe AIR can only be installed through a trustworthy install process that verifies that the application is signed via industry standard certificates, providing users with information about the source and capabilities of the application.

Flex 3.0

Adobe’s Flash-based RIA development platform, Flex, continues to mature and has been picking up steam in both the corporate space as well as sites such as blist and Scrapblog who have embraced Flex whole-heartedly. Some of the new features in Flex 3.0 include:

  • Intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of user interface layout
  • New capabilities for creating RIAs and building applications on Adobe AIR
  • Integrates with Adobe Creative Suite® 3 making it easy for designers and developers to work together more efficiently.
  • New testing tools, including memory and performance profilers and integrated support for automated functional testing, speed up development and lead to higher performing RIAs.

One of the most compelling parts of the Flex announcement is the fact that Adobe has released the Flex SDK under the open source Mozilla Public License.

Adobe Open Source Site Launch

Finally, Adobe announced the launch of their new Adobe Open Source site which aims to “presents the definitive view into open source activities at Adobe, including details regarding projects that Adobe participates in and hosts.”

The new…website is designed to keep you up to date on Adobe open source activities, within Adobe as well as with the larger world. It will also be the point of entry to our source code contributions, including Flex, BlazeDS and others. We’ll post news items, tell you where to see us, and keep you in touch with some of our favorite bloggers.

Currently, the site houses the Flex SDK, BlazeDS and Tamarin projects, all of which have been open-sourced by Adobe.

Aptana has coordinated the release of their AIR plugin that includes support for Jaxer which allows you to write AIR apps that run on the desktop that include server-side code, written in JS, that can run on your backend server.

Adobe also put together a list of featured applications that you can check out.

Hitting a “1.0” release is a big deal (as is a 1.0.1 ;), so congratulations to the entire Air team. Adobe is working hard to raise the bar in the RIA space by giving developers more tools with great functionality. 2008 is panning out to be an interesting year in web development.

Ben and I are at Adobe Engage today, and hope to find out more about Adobes plans in the coming year. We are live twittering using the #engage hash tag.

To end with something a little fun, and since it was the Oscars tonight:

Lisa Awards: Most Overloaded Product Name

NOTE: Rey and I both wrote a post on this big release. This post is a conjoining of both posts into one

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Wasn’t AIR 1.0 also supposed to be released at the same time for Windows, MacOSX and Linux? :-/

Comment by zerok — February 25, 2008

Linux beta-testers wanted:

Comment by eelcoh — February 25, 2008

Still no Linux support.

“The Linux® release of Adobe AIR is under development, but Adobe does not provide specific information about future releases.”

Previously, there were claims that there would be Linux support post-1.0 release. So now the clock starts, I guess.

But I suspect that Linux users will be subjected to the same “awesome” support Adobe has traditionally provided for the Linux version of Flash, which has been less than stellar as it always seemed like it was a major version behind (until sometime around the midlife of v9).

There are two ways to “support” open source. The first is actually release code that is licensed with an open source license. The other is to release your software for open source operating systems. The best would be to do both with the same software.

Comment by AndyB — February 25, 2008

Great. They just release a final version, make a lot of buzz around it… and revoke grants for all the applications made with a previous revision…
Is it so impressive to give a VM with no running app for it?

Comment by gizmogwai — February 25, 2008

Updating my app was as simple as changing the version in the properties file.

The badge install will auto-upgrade (preserving the old runtime it seems) to 1.0…

Try it out now,, with our Scrutinizer Browser — a simulation of human vision inside a browser for design inspection and usability testing. Caveat: Registration required to download.

I’m sure other apps will be updated shortly.

Comment by andyed — February 25, 2008

Hi All,

Rest assured — we’re working on Adobe AIR for Linux! :) In fact, we’re downright enthusiastic about supporting Linux. In our developer FAQ that’s been publicly available for at least the past ten months, we’ve been clear that the Linux version would come out after the Mac and Windows versions. Ultimately, our goal is to release the Mac, Windows and Linux versions at the same time. However, for our first version, we need anticipated awhile back needing some extra time to make sure we nail it.

Today, Kevin Lynch, our CTO at Adobe, publicly demonstrated an AIR application running on Linux and I’d encourage you to check it out.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video:

We’ll be rolling out a public alpha soon that everyone can download and experiment with.



Sr. Product Manager, Adobe AIR

Comment by adoberob — February 25, 2008

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