Friday, December 19th, 2008

Adobe AIR v1.5 Shows Linux the Love

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Adobe has been bashed pretty hard in the past for their lack of Linux support in both Flash and AIR (deservedly so). It was a segment of the development and user market that really wanted to leverage Adobe technology but pretty much had their hands tied. It’s evident that Adobe is listening as they announced yesterday that AIR v1.5 now supports Linux. This means that Linux users can now use popular applications such as TWhirl & Kuler while developers can begin taking advantage of the robustness and stability of the Linux desktop environment for AIR development & deployment.

We announced back in September that Adobe was pushing hard on the Linux front with a beta of AIR for Linux and they’ve come through producing a platform that now allows cross-platform desktop development for Windows, OS X & Linux.

The only downside to this announcement is that 64-bit support isn’t immediately available in the new release but it doesn’t mean that it can’t work. Adobe has published a knowledgebase article that runs you through the steps of making AIR v1.5 work with 64-bit Linux distros.

To get started building desktop apps for Linux using AIR, just grab:

They’ve also published a FAQ that could help in troubleshooting any issues with installation.

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How on earth did I miss this? TIme to get my AIR on!!

Comment by oopstudios — January 24, 2009

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