Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Adobe AMF and Flash Media Server

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One thing that I learned being on the Adobe bus tour was that Ted Patrick has good taste in reggae. He just put a blog post up about the ABCs of AMF in which he details the format and has a little hint at the end:

The AMF file format is a binary file format representing a serialized ActionScript object. This file type is used in many places within the Flash Player and AIR for data storage and data exchange. In Flash Player 9 and AIR, the flash.utils.ByteArray class is the primary way AMF is handled.

I would encourage you to take a deeper look at AMF. There are some low level benefits to using it that are hard to beat. With all distributed computing systems, serialized object formats are essential and AMF is the native format for Flash Player.

There is some big AMF news coming in December…. :)

Several people are alluding to an opening up of that format.

Adobe also made the Flash Media Server less that a bazillion dollars, and we can probably thank Microsoft for the price slash.

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