Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Adobe AMF Support in Zend Framework

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Andi Gutmans of Zend has posted on a proposal for AMF support in the Zend Framework, which is being lead by the AMFPHP project leader, Wade Arnold.

This ZF component will allow for client-side applications built with Flex and Adobe AIR to communicate easily and efficiently with PHP on the server-side.

We are excited about this proposal as it is consistent with our emphasis to be a heterogeneous “use-at-will” framework and as it substantially strengthens Zend Framework’s RIA story. It is also another industry heavyweight joining as an official ZF contributor and joining the likes of IBM, Google and Microsoft in doing so.

Now that we have the Dojo integration ready for ZF 1.6 as a great Ajax story, AMF will complement that with more of an Enterprise oriented solution. We are currently planning to have AMF support aligned with the ZF 1.7 release but we will know better once the proposal has made it through the proposal process.

The proposal itself is here and its overview is:

Zend_Amf_Server provides Action Message Format (AMF3) support for the Zend Framework that is compatible with the Flash Player 9 and above. The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and Flash Player uses AMF to communicate between an application and a remote server. AMF encodes remote procedure calls (RPC) into a compact binary representation that can be transferred over HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Objects and data values are serialized into this binary format, which increases performance as the AMF serialization is a highly optimized procedure in the Flash Player. Zend_Amf_Server will act as an AMF gateway to the Zend Framework by exposing through introspection custom class objects and functions that will respond as callbacks through the Zend_Amf_Server gateway.

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