Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Adobe Apollo Demos

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Mike Chambers and Christian Cantrell of Adobe had some fun with a video camera, and Mike interviewed Christian as he demoed a couple of applications that has has written using the Apollo platform.

The demo’s show a lot of integration between the world of Flash and HTML. First, Christian shows a little app that keeps track of your address-book and integrates with Google Maps. You can drag vCards directly onto the Google Map web interface, etc.

Then they show an Amazon item viewer. One version shows them browsing Amazon, and one click in that interface talks to an Apollo app.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:01 am

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Whoah, that looks awesome. Not that I feel the need for such an application as this, but I can see the need of this kind of application out there.

On another note, I really must say that that fellow’s office and equipment is kinda making me jealous :)

Thanks for the video!

Comment by Kalle — December 20, 2006

That’s cool;
How about session management, cookies ? and is Adobe planning to provide some API for synchronzing an off-line desktop app with the RIA app on the web..

Comment by Satish Mummadi — December 20, 2006

How about session management, cookies ? and is Adobe planning to provide some API for synchronzing an off-line desktop app with the RIA app on the web..

Yes, you will be able to work with cookies and sessions (the same way to can when deploying to the browser).

And yes, we will provide APIs for helping to sync on / offline data.

mike chambers

Comment by mike chambers — December 20, 2006

Hi Mike; any technical docs available yet on the API for doing on/offline Apollo apps, and how synchronization will occur?

Comment by Brad Neuberg — December 20, 2006

Sweet! Can’t wait to try some of this stuff.

Comment by Oliver Tse — December 20, 2006

I think the importance here is that the Macromedia guys have decided to take an increasingly open approach recently, so while we could have gone this road via activeX before, now we we might be able to do it with more accessible approaches. I think the real question is whether security interoperability will work out. I wonder what is different here, from a holistic view, than what Sun attempted.

Comment by leo — December 24, 2006

For anyone interested and concerned with Apollo development a new forum has been launched just for the community, take a look and join in on this new technology–be one of the first to soak it up:

Comment by Delixe — March 19, 2007

That is some slick work. I need to find a way to incorporate that into our site we would like to use google maps

Comment by Christianity Web Site — March 28, 2007

It’s very good, We are appreciating the adobe new web technologies..

Comment by Madhu Kaleeckal — July 20, 2007

Live in China for 4 Years now,even here is Ajax well known.We have our own community(offline).

Comment by Bauförderung — August 7, 2007

I heard that ajax is just trasition technology.
it ‘s quite useful and powerful,but alot of complicated,as long as the compatable problem between products of different vendors.
while flash quite rencently flex technology is provided by a single company,there is no pro of combatability.
what relationship between these two technologies,do you think they can replace each other?
I’m from china , there are a lot people interested in IT technology while few reach the know –why level,I do think that these two technologis could coexsist. And I do believe that anyone who wanna leverage the full potential of whichever tech should know quit a lot about both!

Comment by charlie — October 4, 2007

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