Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Adobe BrowserLab Update: More browsers, more features

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Adobe BrowserLab (formerly Meer Meer) has been updated today with new browsers and features:

  • New Browser Support: Adding Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 3.0, Safari 4 and Firefox 3.5 to the current list of supported browsers;
  • Rulers and Guides: Providing users more precision with rulers on the X and Y axes, as well as movable guides;
  • Move and Pan: Enabling users to move to any area of a screenshot; and
  • Screenshot Delay: Allowing users to pause rendering of a screenshot by up to 10 seconds for video-based content which requires time to let content load
  • Save Locally: Take your browser lab session with you as a jpg
  • Dreamweaver Extensions: Enhanced integration with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Are you finding it a useful tool as you develop on the cross browser cross platform Web?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:30 am

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Yes and no. Its very handy for the occasional check, but its not a serious replacement for thorough development. I’d never show client work that hadn’t been tested with the actual browser.

Comment by kissmyawesome — January 14, 2010

Not hugely useful. Going to the real browser is almost as quick and way easier to debug, inspect etc. It also failed to load a URL using localhost – having to use absolute URL each time could be a pain

Comment by AngusC — January 14, 2010

Well this tool is so great for CSS design, to test the functionality you need a real install.

Comment by elalecs — January 14, 2010

I was puttering around with cross-browser rotated text earlier this week, and browserlab came in quite handy to compare renderings across browsers and platforms. The onion layering was very convenient to make sure the different methods of rotating text (SVG for most browsers, writing-mode for IE) produced exactly the same results. I agree it’s not a useful tool for app testing, but then it’s meant for the design crowd. By the way, for the curious:

Comment by Joeri — January 14, 2010

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