Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Adobe Engage: Apollo as Web+ rather than Desktop-

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There has been a lot of coverage of the Adobe Engage event.

Ben and I were also there and enjoyed being able to get a glimpse of what Apollo will have to offer.

Today was the day of a dive into the tech itself instead of a bunch of demos (some cool, many not actually using Apollo though!).

One thing is very interesting. As we look at the convergence of the web and the desktop (from both directions) we now see the Apollo 1.0 is very much Web+ rather than Desktop-.

This means that Apollo really is aiming to get web development just a bit further onto desktops via features such as being able to launch apps, offline support, file storage, etc. These features mean that you will have less and less of a reason to go for the full desktop approach.

This also means that there are plenty of applications that will probably require you to go for a full desktop application platform.

Apollo is not released, and there are still discussions on which features will be in there for us. Do you think they should go with the Java-like approach and abstract above the native platform so that you apps work everywhere? Or should we be allowed to get down and dirty and do native interactions if you need too?

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I think we should be allowd to do native interactions. I know we won’t be able too, but it would be cool let say to import a list of song locations from iTunes.

Comment by Howard Rauscher — March 1, 2007

how can a site about ajax have no ajax in it? :-)

Comment by boodie — March 1, 2007

I’m interested in knowing how people compare something like Adobe Apollo with Dojo Offline? Is a small, focused, open source approach like Dojo Offline valuable to you, or is something like Adobe Apollo more what you need? Disclosure: SitePen and I are the developers of Dojo Offline.

Brad Neuberg

Comment by Brad Neuberg — March 1, 2007

What I find exciting about Apollo is being able to use web technologies (html, flash, actionscript) outside of the browser. I sick of worrying about the back button. I want a new metaphor instead of the document traversal that we are forced to adhere to with browser based applications.

Comment by Bill Christian — March 1, 2007

And I’m tired of seeing square pane desktop applications. If it brings a new fleet of these our way then “thanks but no thanks”….but Flash was never a square box experience for me in the past. …I suppose if it didn’t suck dev wise it has lots of potential.

The last thing we want to do is bring the “web to the desktop” in the same stupid way we’ve brought the desktop to the web. .

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — March 1, 2007

hmmm abstract as much as possible, but allow for native stuff if it makes much difference e.g. for printing, networking. id imagine that there will be quite a few intranet style apps made for this, which basically means Windows only

Comment by Steve Boyd — March 1, 2007

the only loser here will be swing…

Comment by Jii — March 2, 2007

…I think Apollo is going to be huge. A great tech that definitely has its place in e-commerce, and plenty of real market value to be delivered, with a low bar of adoption to web developers. Can’t wait to see it all unfold, and start utilizing it.

Comment by Mark Holton — March 4, 2007

I think that Apollo could be an incredible step forward, if it is close to what Adobe is claiming it is. The thing I notice is that so far no one is looking past what this will do for existing sites. Even Adobe does not seem to see the full power in this (the ebay demo is pretty worthless in my opinion). What I am interested in is the entire new breed of applications this would create. I mean this is the first hint of a web application crossing a threshold to actually move closer towards the application label. The idea of interaction with local and web content seamlessly is what will make this the killer app and the next step forward. Come on Adobe let us have a beta of this thing.

Comment by Sean — March 5, 2007

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