Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Ajax Agent: Open Source Ajax Toolkit

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Ajax Agent is another Ajax toolkit/library/framework created by some old Ajax pro’s (the Lead Architect behind Onepage Portal Server (now Sybase Enterprise Portal) & one of the core engineers behind the Content Express For Microsoft Commerce Server).

Their aim is to make Ajax work as simple as possible.

The PHP version offers three steps to get started with the framework:

  1. include_once('agent.php');
  2. $agent->init();
  3.'url','server_function', 'client_handle', param1, param2, ...);

The first line is declared to include the AJAX Agent library, initialize the agent framework & instantiate the server side ‘Agent’. The second line instantiates the client side ‘Agent’. The third line which runs on the client side within the javascript browser environment, uses the client side ‘Agent’ to directly call the server function asynchronously. AJAX Agent supports complex data types like associated arrays & objects. It makes use of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for data interchange format to achieve this.

Ajax Agent

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it’s what i’am looking for

Comment by xoosye — February 15, 2006

cool feature

Comment by -JF- — February 16, 2006

Very simple PHP-Ajax tool. A very simple financial real time updating stock list example based upon this structure can be found at:

Comment by Pierre — February 24, 2006

Great job! This one is the best KISS I was looking for.

Comment by Einstein — February 25, 2006

Most importantly this is very flexible and we do not big initation

Comment by Tomo — April 6, 2006

Nice work, Keep it up plz :)

Comment by Muhammad Tauseef Ahmed — July 19, 2006

Very nice! I’m integrating your library with my program. thanks a lot, keep working

Comment by jAddressBook Administrator — August 22, 2006

I am using ajax agent and it works very nicely with IE and FF. However, with google Chrome browser I get the following error: “Refused to set unsafe header Content-length”.
Is there a solution for this? Or is there an good alternative for ajaxagent? Thnx in advance.

Comment by bert2803 — May 10, 2009

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