Friday, November 11th, 2005

Ajax and SVG

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Carto net has a very detailed tutorial with a ridiculously long name: Dynamic Loading of Vector Geodata for SVG Mapping Applications Using Postgis, PHP and getURL()/XMLHttpRequest().

This tutorial explains how to dynamically load vector data with Ajax, into a SVG mapping application.

Many are excited about this combination (Ajax and SVG).

Tinic Uro discusses FireFox SVG and Flash, and Pragmatic Ajax shows you how to work with this in the Google Maps chapter.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too keen to put SVG natively into their browser though :(

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:49 am

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As always, they decide to go against the world and implement their own XAML stuff.

Soon Mozilla, Opera and Safari will support SVG.
Sadly IE will not.

Comment by SVGisLOVE — November 11, 2005

“As always, they decide to go against the world and implement their own XAML stuff.”

The world doesn’t care about SVG

Comment by Rick — November 13, 2005

The world cares more about SVG than XAML.

Your average users would shrug confusedly at either, but the scientific community can use this in quite a few places. Real-time visualization of data crunched by big machines means a LOT. And good luck finding research facilities that prefer MS’ solutions.

Comment by Shawn — November 14, 2005

This post is really old by now, but I just want to say that it’s 2007 and SVG is still going from strength to strength. Few people even know about XAML and startup in IE7 with .NET is really slow compared to SVG in Mozilla or Opera. SVG is everywhere! Yipeeeeeee

Our map engine uses SVG to display the map, adverts and things – if you use a native SVG browser that is.

Comment by Jacobus — April 26, 2007

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