Friday, April 7th, 2006

Ajax and Your CMS

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Ajax and your CMS is an article written by Jonathan Downes and Joe Walker (or DWR fame).

CMS is often discussed with an Ajax context, since there is so much that we can do to enhance the CMS experience.

The article details some of the ways in which CMS can be enhanced.

One of the great things about Ajax is that you don’t need a page refresh every time you want to add some more information to the page. This is sometimes referred to as a “Single-Page Interface” and is particularly useful where a large data set is required behind the scenes to enable a function. For example, CMS vendor Day has long made use of Ajax for their tree navigation, overcoming many of the technical and graphical challenges with the traditional approach (see screen below). For example maintaining the state of which branches of the tree are open and which are closed is very difficult with standard HTML, and is also very inefficient on the network.

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One Ajax CMS to watch out for is Eribium –

Comment by Richard — April 8, 2006

Thanks for CMS

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Thank you for the info.

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