Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Ajax articles in languages that are not English

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Ajax is truly a worldwide phenomenon, so here is a collection of links in languages that I can’t read. Since I can’t provide commentary, I’ll just link to them with some offhand remarks:

Three German articles:
one at, one that probably has “next generation” in the title: Ajax: die nächste Generation der Web-Anwendungen, and finally Ajax: CheckLoginName, V0.2 Beta – looks like a lot of detail with code examples.

Here is a Japanese article with a Google-suggest like example – or try and work your way through the ridiculous English translation by worldlingo. And finally, an Italian article on DWR on

Thanks to Alexander Werner for most of these links.

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Hebrew article about Ajax can be found at,7340,L-3167337,00.html

Comment by splintor — November 21, 2005

The first one translated is something like ‘Ajax: the next generation of web-application’.

It has a short introduction describing what AJAX is and it goes on by telling the reader a bit about the common process of developing an application and how AJAX can make it better including with some code examples.
Nothing special though.

The conclusion is, however, that AJAX is not new but wisely used it’s a good way to develop ‘native’ applications.

Comment by Dominik Hahn — November 21, 2005

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