Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Ajax-based PHP Grid Acquired, Soon to Open Source

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According to this quick press release, Senza Limiti has snagged an Ajax-based PHP data grid component and is already making plans to publish it out with an open source license.

The PHP Grid is an Ajax –based table component that shows database information in a good looking, easy to use way. All user actions are performed in real time, on the client side, giving instant feedback and providing a desktop-like user experience. Among its features are Excel support and an automated print function that presents the table in a printable format. It also allows instant editing of database rows.

Senza Limiti will re-release the PHP Grid under an Open Source license on October 1st, 2006, hoping to create the de-facto standard for Ajax/PHP-based grid compoments.

You can get the complete details on the datagrid from the pages on the company’s site. They will also be offering a closed source, MySQL-style license for uses in commercial applications.

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The URL for the current free version is wrong. It’s missing a p in the obvious place. Just stick it in there and it will work.

Comment by Paradise Pete — September 14, 2006

I hate to sound off base here, but why the hell is this all formalized? I wasn’t even aware that there was a PHP Grid before reading this press release.

If it was bought out then the term aquired would sound okay, but if it just changed hands the term “aquired” sounds too press-releasish. But anyways I will be waiting to see what they actually do release as I have a need for a control like this in one of my projects.

Comment by Philip Plante — September 14, 2006

Here is the correct link to the current liver version of the grid:

Comment by LinkyNoWorky — September 15, 2006

Aquired ? Snagged ? What does this mean actually ?

Comment by Andra — September 15, 2006

[…] PHP Grid will soon have an opensource license. […]

Pingback by PHP Grid Acquired, Soon to Open Source — September 16, 2006

Sorry about the wrong link. It has since been corrected and should be obsolete by now anyway, as we have just released the GPL version with full source.

Philipp, we do realize that PHP Grid was not the most well known PHP application ever, but we wanted to let people know that we would release the source code. We acquired (ie bought the rights to it for a certain sum of money) it mainly to cover internal needs and save some development resources, and we hope that others will find it as useful as we found it.

Comment by Senza Limiti — September 17, 2006

How about this one I’ve downloaded the trial last night, it works great so far.

Comment by Nick — January 4, 2007

Sorry, the link above should be It seems they just updated their site too.

Comment by Nick — January 4, 2007

Will it support PHP6?

Comment by John Wolin — January 5, 2007

Agreed. Seems that the datagridfrom got a lot more bells and whistles.

Comment by Calvin — January 8, 2007

Yeah, but is not free and is closed source. This one is open source. So, there’s no comparison!

Comment by Janko — June 7, 2007

Actually, we managed to give a copy of phpgrid sourcecode at a different price point. It’s a little more expensive, but it definitely worth it. Hereby, you do get the source code.

Comment by Pete — November 17, 2007

There is a free PHP datagrid component for JQGrid (based on JQuery). This library can generate fully featured CRUD application in record time.

Comment by azghanvi — August 2, 2010

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