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Ajax Case Study – Simple Validations Reduce Costs/Increase Usability

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In a follow-up to his previous post, Jesper Rønn-Jensen looks yet again at business uses of Ajax technologies – specifically a “case study” looking at one of his recent usability issues.

As a followup to my earlier post “AJAX performance stats, ROI, and business value“, I decided that I’d share with you some considerations on a recent project I was involved in.

Anyways, I want to give you some of the details on why we decided to implement AJAX validations in this particular web application. We had a complex interface where the user had to enter a lot of information about a lot of users. In this particular solution, the typical usage scenario is that an employee has data about multiple users to enter: That could for example be name, age, social security numbers etc.

He mentions the two models that they looked at – the “Edit one object at a time” idea and the “Edit multiple objects at the same time” school of thought. For each, they give an example, including a sample screenshot of the method.

While both methods had their strengths, the real time-saver came in the form of the Ajax-based validations on the data that was being entered. Spotlighting an incorrect field with a red highlight reduces the guesswork without detracting from their entry work.

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What are the major issues and problem areas in Ajax case study?
What should be the organization’s functional areas involved in this case and why?
Also, one more questions.
Who are the major players and why?

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