Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

Ajax Changes Advertising, Too

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Developers all over the web are discovering the powerful new features that using Ajax lets them implement. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside for some people associated with the web, namely advertisers, and how Ajax works. In this new article on the ClickZ Network, explores how Ajax can wreck havock on any normal “counting” system.

I’ve been very vocal about the AJAX counting issue; I’ve written several articles, spoken on panels, and pushed the IAB to update the impression guidelines on a very fast timeline. There’s been interest and response, and the IAB is beginning to act. But everyone involved in the process realizes this will take time. So today, my recommendations for how developers of AJAX Web pages and software applications that include advertising can deal with the unique counting issues. There are no guarantees. Final guidelines may differ from my guidance. But, I’ll put this stake in the ground. Let’s see if we can’t pivot around it.

He points out the main issue, namely that Ajax goes around the standard “just HTML” navigation model and can cause much less distribution of an advertiser’s placement. He does have a suggestion or two, however – deploying new Ajax-equiped versions of sites, modifying the existing architecture to support an Ajax-related model, or just avoiding the use of Ajax all toegther.

His personal suggestion? Make sure Ajax is really the way to go with your application (as it pertains to getting advertising messages across) before making any kind of leap.

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Maybe they could print out code that switches the add every x seconds, with a short link to the previous one if people wanted to click on that one. That way you solved the problem ;)

Comment by Gilles — June 7, 2006

[…] With the affiliate marketing hot topic being CJ's mandatory java linking, what about the obverse… what role would (or will) Ajax links have in the network-to-publisher/affiliate relationship?   […]

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The web should not bend to advertiser interests. We should not be designing out sites to get out an advertiser’s message, we should be designing for the users.

Comment by monkey — June 7, 2006

So what I heard was if you’re revenue stream is tied to advertising you should think about that in your app when using AJAX.

Sounds like a great place for RJS:

page.replace_html ‘we-love-advertising’, partial => ‘next_paying_customer’
page.replace_html ‘we-like-users’, partial => ‘for_the_freeloading_users’

What’s the big deal?

Comment by Charlie — June 7, 2006

I think that this post raises a few very important concerns. I did notice that the affiliate network Commission Junction has switched their link types to a java format. Is it possible that we see a switch to ajax enabled links for enhanced security?

Comment by Tometa Software — June 8, 2006

This has always been the case with new technologies. At first, people complain about it, but later on, creativity strikes and we see lots of new methods and “tricks” to achieve what’s needed. If everything was made easy, creativity wouldn’t be noticed. Fun exists in tough challenges, and how to achieve this. I’m a computer programmer, and I get bored when doing simple programs. However, when I face tough challenges that don’t make me sleep, I can be seen smiling and I feel very happy when I beat the problem, in a creative way. Think of the opportunites Ajax can bring to the advertisising world, where new user interaction with the product is more real, not just a static image or text! The old methods have to go, and the new methods will bring more power to everyone, be it a user or a developer or a producer. New technologies are almost always accompanied with changes…

Comment by Khaldoon — June 10, 2006

Talking about AJAX and advertising, found http://www.homepage4.com on a news site yesterday. Interesting concept about advertising, equality (democracy) and search engines. What is very exciting is the use of space in the adverts that have audio / video clips. It is a bit like living in a one room house – you want to cook, you press a botton and out comes the kitchen.

If it catches on, it will at least give everyone a chance and make pay per click a bit cheaper.

Comment by Jane Siddell — June 10, 2006

Ajax dutch football team ?

Comment by Andy — April 4, 2007

Nice comment Andy.. Its actually a brilliant java function that can do many nifty things. Look into it!

Comment by Leanne — April 17, 2007

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