Thursday, June 15th, 2006

AJAX Developers Tell Microsoft IE Is Not Enough

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It looks like Ajax developers out there are finally getting to the point of wanting more out of their tools – including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. According to this article over on eWeek, the popular vote at the recent Microsoft TechEd (2006) from developers when asked how many work cross-platform was an almost completely unanimous “yes”. Of course, this was in the context of Microsoft’s Atlas framework and the fact that Microsoft seems to be committed to browser compatibility (but so far, only with IE).

Acting as an emcee for the session, Prosise kept the event moving with questions for the audience. At one point he asked: “Is AJAX even an important technology? Is it over-hyped?” At that he immediately laughed and added: “You know, I feel like Jerry Springer up here.”

It was also asked if Microsoft was trying to “co-opt” Javascript, removing this web standard from the mix as well.

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Actually, I’ve found Atlas to be very cross-browser compatibile. Although I’ve been using Dojo toolkit as my Ajax framework of choice, I’ve been checking out the Atlas framework, and I must say, I’m very impressed. I like it.

Comment by Michael — June 15, 2006

“Microsoft seems to be committed to browser compatibility (but so far, only with IE)”

What sense does that statement make?

Comment by Jeff — June 15, 2006

Atlas is cross-browser… is that news to anyone?

To set the record straight: Atlas is fully compatible with IE, Firefox, and Mozilla. Safari support is a goal but admittedly lagging compared the other browsers\’ support. Expect better by RTM. Atlas would 100% fail if it only worked on IE.

Trackback by - Developing for the new web — June 15, 2006

I have had problems with Atlas and Opera, but thats about it.

Comment by Codah — June 16, 2006

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