Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Ajax DNS: DNS Tools

Category: Utility

Ten Ships has announced AjaxDNS, the latest Ajax based DNS and hosting admin tools.

It includes:

  • Live DNS
  • Whois Search
  • IP Whois
  • HTTP Headers
  • RBL Search
  • Ping
  • DNS Traversal

Ajax DNS

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:35 am

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Doesn’t work in FF.

Comment by Josh — December 14, 2006

Doesn’t work at all…

Comment by Alex — December 14, 2006

same here

Comment by Diego Carrion — December 14, 2006

Seems to work in IE, but if it doesn’t work in Firefox, it probably doesn’t work in Safari either.

Comment by Josh — December 14, 2006

Works fine for me using FF, you have to type the URL first which is not intuitive.

Comment by Sam Hennessy — December 14, 2006

It works also fine for me using FF and IE 7. But it’s really not intuitive and unfortunately you just can’t use it while a process is being executed. furthermore: just another project that is tagged “beta” ;)

BTW: I like the simple way you try to avoid spam, Mr. Ajaxian :> I can’t stand the Random-Letter-Captcha-Code-Thing anymore.

Comment by Stephan — December 14, 2006

Sorry, I just don’t get the point to this tool other than showing of some k3wl – and not particularly complex – Ajax. You can’t bookmark results, or email a link to someone else. You can’t create a keyword search in firefox allowing you to, for instance, enter “whois” in the address bar like I do with DNSStuff. There’s no progress indicator or obvious way of telling if changes have been made to the page. Seems to be a case of trying to use Ajax to replace perfectly good techniques, just for the sake of it.

Comment by Mike Nolan — December 14, 2006

It does work in FF. You just have to type in the IP in the box THEN click the buttons.

Comment by Andy — December 14, 2006 is a better tool to show information about IP addresses, it is not ajav based, but it gives specific information.

Comment by Lucian — February 10, 2007

I just found one free domain name lookup service., Free and instantly checks domain name availability and see whois detail. Pretty cool stuff! …

Comment by nicolas — July 26, 2007

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