Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Ajax Driven Memory Configurator

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David Chidester has put together a simple example of using Ajax to help a multistep process with the Ajax implementation of a Computer Memory Configurator over at

The process for finding the right memory was tedious before hand, and has been simplified with this simple bit of Ajax.

Ajax Memory Configurator

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:51 am

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interesting but very slow … was json or XML so hard to implement ???

P.S. there are different errors for each interaction

Comment by Andrea Giammarchi — January 22, 2007

It looks cool, but unfortunately it just wedges under Safari and doesn’t render correctly under Firefox. Opera? The select box for “Choose Your Manufacturer” doesn’t do anything when you click it.

Comment by John Romkey — January 22, 2007

David could have solved this problem with three standard select boxes and saved himself about 8 hours of development time. Not only are the AJAX selectors slower then the standard html select they are obviously not platform independent and by using them he has lost a valuable usability tool, the first letter keyboard shortcut. Instead of pushing “s” for Sony I have to click through three screens of computer manufactures.

Comment by Jake — January 22, 2007

Looking at four different online hardware stores, the logical connection is usually:

RAM manufacturer –> amount –> type –>price


amount –> type –> manufacturer –> price

I do not see any benefit from using ajax methods here.

Comment by Alex93053 — January 23, 2007

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