Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Ajax-enabled RSS Ticker Box, a Tutorial

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, PHP has a new tutorial concerning the creation of an Ajax-enabled RSS ticker box for the display of syndicated information on your site.

PHP is required to use the example script they provide, but it can be adapted to work with any backend system. The setup allows for a box with the latest entries from a given feed to be displayed on the page, either with a fade effect or by simply updating the contents of the box. The look and feel is easily altered with the help of CSS, and it even pauses onMouseover.

Besides the code download, they also spend some time explaining it, describing what each piece of the puzzle does. They’ve even included the lastRSS parser to grab the information directly from the feeds. The page includes demos of what the two options look like.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:19 am

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Very nice! PHP seems to be the server language of choice for a lot of cool Ajax apps.

Comment by developergb — February 12, 2006


Comment by tongixng — February 12, 2006

Can anyone make this work in ASP?

Comment by Cleetus VanDamm — February 16, 2007

It (as well does all the similiar apps) look a little rough under the collar and I’m sure ajax is still an emerging technology buzz word. I would also love to see an asp exaple VanDamm. I’m pretty disappointed in the lack of Ajax and asp examples out there on the web. Another feature I would love to see on this app is the ability to randomly add your own links (internally or otherwise) within the results of the rss feeds you provide. I suppose you would just create an xml document with those links and add it in the rss lineup should work ???

Comment by Jonathan — April 3, 2007

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