Friday, June 20th, 2008

Ajax Experience 2008 Registration Open

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We’re pleased to announce that registration for The Ajax Experience is now open! The event is being held in Boston this year, from September 29 to October 1.


In addition to the usual agenda full of interesting sessions and compelling content, we’re pleased to announce that concurrent with the Ajax Experience, several of the most popular Ajax frameworks will be holding “mini-events” that are both open to attendees and the general public. We’re giving space to representatives from Dojo, jQuery, and Prototype to hold half-day events focusing on their own frameworks. These events run at the same time as a special “introductory” track of content geared towards attendees who are new to Ajax.

We couldn’t be happier about how this has worked out and we hope both attendees and others who are able to attend enjoy these mini-events. More details coming soon.

Cross-Browser Keynote

Another interesting new feature of the show this year is a unique keynote we’re putting together with Peter-Paul Koch (ppk) of and folks from Dojo, jQuery, and Prototype. ppk is preparing a presentation detailing the top cross-browser compatibility issues facing Web developers today, and following his remarks, attendees will get briefings on how these popular Ajax frameworks help Web developers address the issues raised by ppk.

Every time we survey attendees and members of the community about what issues they care about most, cross-browser compatibility is either in the top slot or close to it. This should be a pretty cool dissemination of the best information on the topic.

Early Bird Registration Ends August 22…

…so stop on by and get yourself a seat at the show!

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a bit spendy… my boss will never go for it

Comment by ajaxery — June 20, 2008

I’m hoping to finally make it this year. The timing has coincided with other family events over the past two years. Agreed that it’s a little pricey, especially for my work-from-home budget, but it looks like a good line-up.

Comment by jonathansnook — June 20, 2008

The agenda looks interesting

I’m trying to figure out the target audience.

It seems great for junior-mid level developers, but what about a senior level developer who has been professionally using AJAX and related development techniques for years? Will that kind of person be bored?

Some sessions I would like to attend:
– A tour from Joe Hewitt or somebody on the new Firebug team on how Firebug works behind the scenes.
– How to make firebug plugins.
– Webkit developers on implementing new standards as fast as they can.
– Somebody from the IE team who could humorously defend all those IE issues we must now put up with.

Comment by dylangreene — June 20, 2008

Unfortunately, this year the show is scheduled to coincide with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana.

Comment by peller — June 21, 2008

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