Friday, September 21st, 2007

Ajax Experience East Update

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Here are the latest updates on the upcoming Ajax Experience East show in Boston Oct. 24-26:

  1. Next Friday, hotel rates go up and the iPhone Giveaway ends; register today! ;-)
  2. Speaking to Ajax audiences can be tricky; half of the group usually has a lot of Ajax experience, while the other half has little to none. To try and “level-set” a bit, we’ve introduced free, pre-show tutorials to the show this time around. Joining us to give ’em are John Resig of jQuery and Mozilla fame and David Verba of Adaptive Path. However, space is running out fast (only 30 seats left), so you’ve got to reserve your seat quick!
  3. Aza Raskin, son of UI pioneer Jef Raskin, spoke at last year’s Boston show and did such a bang-up job that we’ve asked him to keynote at this year’s show. We’re really looking forward to his talk.
  4. Alex Russell of Dojo fame will be speaking on the upcoming Dojo 1.0 release and the importance of the open web.
  5. jQuery founder and Mozilla evangelist John Resig has added a “Future of JavaScript” to his talk line-up at the show.
  6. And more!

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From past experience being a newbie last year, please take Ajaxian’s advice and get some good foundation knowledge under your belt before the show starts. You’ll do youselves a greate favor (as well as a lot of other people in the Q&A sessions).

Also, don’t miss John Resig’s session.

Comment by Ian — September 21, 2007

“iPhone Giveaway ends”

Are you guys giving every attendant who register before next friday an iPhone? Or are you just raffling off 1 iphone?

Comment by Rich — September 21, 2007

I think that adding a enterprise track to the Ajax Experience would be worth while. At the last couple shows there were a lot of enterprise developers asking questions. These developers can’t always be satisified by lightweight JS libraries.

I like that fact that TAE isn’t an infomercial for vendors but a track that tackles more complicated application problems would be helpful.

Comment by Robert Buffone — September 22, 2007


Is there any way to get discount tickets? I work for a non-profit and have contributed ALOT to Ajax – please see

I would LOVE to be a part of this!

Comment by Ric Johnson — September 23, 2007

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