Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Ajax Experience Talks: Resig, Slocum, and Heilmann

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We’ve got another great round of talks for you today from John Resig, Jack Slocum, and Christian Heilmann.

Advanced jQuery with John Resig

Advanced CSS and Theming of Ext with Jack Slocum

Visual Programming with JavaScript with John Resig

YUI for Control Freaks with Christian Heilmann

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 1:11 pm

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Saw comments on prior video pages, but figured I’d leave one here … simply doesn’t work in FF3 (Linux), I see no videos, no links, just titles.

Comment by hmarq — March 17, 2009

Works for me, FF3 (Linux) as well. Took a min. for the videos to appear though.

Comment by kb0 — March 17, 2009

Video without seeking? Unusable :(

Comment by steida — March 17, 2009

Videos doesn’t appear for me, FF3.0.7 on Vista. Works in IE though, feels weird saying that… :)

Comment by mankz — March 18, 2009

I like jQuery, but what else new can Reisig say every month in another screencast. wired.

Comment by Aimos — March 18, 2009

The videos are not visible for me in Firefox 3.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.10.

Comment by jjabez — March 18, 2009

@Aimos: All of these videos are from last year’s The Ajax Experience conference I believe.

Comment by Rey Bango — March 18, 2009

A funny part in video#2 Advanced CSS and Theming of Ext with Jack Slocum is when Jack is desperately trying to increase font size in Aptana Eclipse without luck for a couple of mins :D

Comment by SleepyCod — March 18, 2009

very good thanks

Comment by RawChocolate — July 30, 2009

As an addendum to the “Visual Programming with JavaScript” by J. Resig: there are three actionscript libraries that allow to use processing primitives.

* frocessing by Nutsu: http://www.libspark.org/wiki/nutsu/Frocessing/en

and then these other two that actually directly parse processing source code, both written by Tim Ryan:

* Processing.as ( http://code.google.com/p/processingas/ ) and
* CrossProcessing ( http://github.com/timcameronryan/CrossProcessing/ ).

Processing.as also powers the lovely sketchPatch website, which allows users to code/share/edit processing sketches right from your browser (any browser!): http://www.sketchpatch.net

Comment by davidedc — December 9, 2009

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