Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Ajax Experience Tutorial Sessions

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Today is the official start of the Ajax Experience East, but we did something a bit different this time around. Some people asked us to level set a little, so we put out some tutorial sessions a day before.

Marc Grabanski was at the tutorial sessions and he wrote up a nice synopsis of the talks given by Ben Galbraith, John Resig, and David Verba.

Marc finishes up posting the sessions that he think will be going too:

TAE East Sessions

We have kicked into gear on day one, and I am having a great time mingling with the community as usual!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:14 pm

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I’m still kinda irked that I never heard any announcement of a call for papers for this conference. You guys left me out!

Comment by Scriptor — October 24, 2007

Don’t forget to record at least some of the presentations on video.. please please please…
The John Resig and the Silverlight ones would be great.

btw, Ajax on Struts? Struts still lives or its just a “retro Nintendo” kind of thing?

Comment by Pedro — October 24, 2007

4.7 should show 5 stars.

Round up the scores at .5!

Don’t round down!

Comment by round up — October 24, 2007

All three tutorial sessions were recorded and at least some keynotes and sessions were, too. Would be great if they get released somewhere.

Comment by Jörn Zaefferer — October 24, 2007

too bad i’m located in germany ;(
would really like to meet you godfathers of the ajax community ;)

Comment by britneyfreek — October 25, 2007

So far, it’s a great time! Stuart Halloway is a great speaker and he’s made the Prototype discussions entertaining as well as informative. I’m looking forward to the JQuery discussion today at 1 PM.

Comment by Sean Ford — October 25, 2007

I’ve posted some of my thoughts here :

Comment by Sanjiv Jivan — October 25, 2007

These sessions were ostensibly recorded but I can’t find them anywhere at Ajaxian, although some other sessions from TAE 2007 in Boston were recorded. Can you provide a link to where these tutorial sessions are available?

Comment by jeffmil — January 29, 2008

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