Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Ajax Experience Update, and Desktop Matters

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Desktop Matters, Mar. 8-9, San Jose, California

A lot of folks have been pinging us about our plans for The Ajax Experience in 2007. We don’t have the dates set yet, but we are definitely holding another Ajax Experience show. It likely will not be in the spring this time around, in order to give interested folks plenty of lead time to make plans to attend. Look for a firm date in the next few weeks.

You might also have noticed that Dion and I are holding a conference for desktop developers: Desktop Matters, in San Jose Mar. 8-9. Some folks have asked if we’re losing interest in Ajax :-) We think there’s obviously room for both Web and Desktop disciplines. This year’s Desktop Matters show is focused on Java, but depending on how it goes, we’d like to do a larger show next year for desktop developers of all technology disciplines.

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any plans for discussing Apollo at “Desktop Matters”?

have to say, it seems to be a bit off topic that you guys would be launching off into desktop, when you’ve been trying to progress the web-centric point of view. But I guess you’re just trying to grow your breadth.

But why not focus deeper on the web paradigm? A bit concerning, esp when there is so many good things happening and maturing with Ajax. There are plenty of resources out there, hopefully you guys will keep pursuing this one.

Comment by concerned — February 8, 2007

Will you be holding a similiar contest to get a pass into the Ajax Experience? (dont worry, I’m not submitting any more “different strokes” themed essays).

I have to admit that was an awesome experience last year and I can personally say that it means a lot to the rank and file grunt developers that just can’t afford to do it on their own.

Comment by Ian — February 8, 2007

concerned: Yep, Adobe will be presenting on Apollo at Desktop Matters. RE: off-topic and all that. We’re interested in a bunch of tech subjects, including Ajax and Desktop. We’re not losing interest in Ajax. However, my involvement in the Java Desktop community goes back further than Ajax and we thought it was high time to try and bring that community together at an event.

Ian: We’ll see. :-)

Comment by Ben Galbraith — February 8, 2007

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