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Ajax Experience Videos: Performance and Security

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Thanks to the folks at Adobe, we’ve got video of pretty much every session from the Ajax Experience 2008 that we can share on-line, free of charge. We’ll release them over the next week or so in batches. What better way to spend your New Year’s holiday than curled up with a laptop learning about software?

Even Faster Web Sites with Steve Souders

In this session you learn: How to make your Web sites 25-50% faster; The impact of iframes on your Web site, including blank iframes; How inline scripts block rendering in the entire page and downloads; What you might be doing with stylesheets that make your pages twice as slow; The various techniques for dynamically loading JavaScript, and how they vary in how they affect the browser.

Advanced Web App Security with Joe Walker

The security landscape is changing dramatically from month to month. Unless you are aware of CSRF, Anti-DNS Pinning, Javascript highjacking, and the many ways to fool an XSS filter, it’s likely that your Web application is not secure. Attackers used to concentrate on ActiveX, but now Javascript, CSS and even simple HTML elements have are used against Web sites.

In this session, we reveal:

* Security challenges particular to a Web 2.0 world;
* Details of CSRF, Anti-DNS Pinning, JavaScript hijacking, fooling an XSS filter and more;
* How you can protect yourself, from both the point of view of site owners and users.

The 7 Habits for Exceptional Perf with Stoyan Stefanov and Nicole Sullivan

Improvements in Web site performance are similar to improvements in energy or fuel efficiency: We make great progress, yet we end up consuming more. Learn how to balance design and features with the need for speed. This session highlights Yahoo!’s latest research results and performance breakthroughs. Apple’s iPhone has changed the game for Web browsing on mobile devices. While the iPhone presents new and exciting opportunities for Web developers, it also provides a unique set of performance challenges. Solutions that reduce the number of components improve the user experience greatly by making pages load faster. In this session, we explore case studies that demonstrate how these solutions have accelerated the user experience on Yahoo!’s most prominent Web pages. In this session you learn: Performance optimizations that give you the biggest bang for your buck; Latest research results and performance breakthroughs discovered at Yahoo!; Apple iPhone’s cache characteristics; How to balance features with speed.

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Doug Crockford also has a good talk (part six of his series) on Ajax Performance (via the YUI Blog, posted Dec. 23rd.)

Comment by Schill — December 30, 2008

Is anyone else having a problem with the screencasts. They seem to crash around the 7 minute mark.

Comment by crink — December 30, 2008

Very good article. Does anyone think that the ajaxian site should take some time to improve load-times, man this place can be slow!

Comment by oopstudios — December 30, 2008

This would rock if they actually played for longer than 7-10 minutes.

Comment by mojave — December 31, 2008

Something is not quite right with the embedded video players, they cause Firefox to eat up hundreds of MB of RAM – nearly 1 GB – and eventually lots of disk swapping.

Comment by Schill — December 31, 2008

So where are this videos? I see no links to them in the article.

Comment by ExtAnimal — January 1, 2009

this is excellent work

Comment by RawChocolate — July 30, 2009

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