Friday, October 14th, 2005

Ajax Framework Comparison

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Matt Harrison was talking about making choices between various Ajax toolkits, frameworks, or libraries.

He linked over to the OSA foundation and their Survey of AJAX/JavaScript Libraries.

Their survey discusses:

The world of Ajax libs is an interesting one, as they cover various functionality.

We blogged about the Ajax layers in the past:

NOTE: Michael Mahemoff also collected framework information

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this diagram is going to change a *lot* in coming years. i would be very surprised if a federation of disparate, independently developed tools (rails, dojo, etc) ends up being the preferred stack…not that it can’t be a high quality stack, but i suspect something with the imprint of or another open organizational body (gnu etc) is going to be deemed more palatable.

in general a desire to have a stronger language tool than javascript available for client scripting will surface. ultimately there has to be some language neutrality here to let the platform take off..every decent runtime/sysems platform, even ones like the jvm that start out as being geared to one language, end up gaining language neutrality. no matter how much hype i hear, i can’t accept javascript as the application language of the future.

Comment by grumpY! — October 14, 2005

You forgot to mention ajaxCFC (

Comment by Rob — December 18, 2005

To querendo peidar

Comment by e — December 26, 2005

Javascript is ugly.
AJAX is everything except new.

AJAX should die in the next two years.

Its is richer than HTML, but will vanish as soon as a proper language (standardization of browers, new HTML ?) will appear.
Furthermore, not accessible.

Comment by frederic rougeot — August 9, 2006

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