Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Ajax Framework Comparison Chart

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The Midnight Coders are at it again with their Ajax product comparison chart.

The comparison compares:

  • WebORB (Midnight Coders own offering)
  • DWR (open source java framework
  • Ajax.NET
  • Sajax (PHP)

and ignores others (well, there ARE a lot…. maybe Backbase should be there as another commercial offering?)

As they said:

I suspect people may say we’re biased in the comparison, but I’d like us to be proven wrong. This could be an interesting challenge for all interested parties :)

Thoughts? Other frameworks you would like to compare? Other criteria? Anything misrepresented?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:05 am

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I’m curious about the feature list comparison. At the very bottom it indicates that the WebORB standard edition is free but the Pro edition is $799. It doesn’t indicate whether the both the std. and pro editions have all of the features listed in the comparison chart. If the standard edition has a subset of features of the pro edition the comparison chart is very misleading. If the feature set is the same why would anyone buy the pro edition?

Comment by John Fereira — August 24, 2005

Hi John,

It is a valid point. We updated the page to reflect which features are available in the Professional edition of WebORB.


Comment by Terry Nisenbaum — August 24, 2005

They are definitely biased so is their comparison.
I think it’s ok to use these “schemes” as a marketing strategy, but I just think it shouldn’t be presented as a real comparison.

However I’m biased too, but towards DWR. I think multiple points of the DWR features are incomplete like for example: ‘Supports custom serializers’. DWR certainly supports custom serializers. There are more of these “inaccuracies”, but I think Joe Walker send in a listing… Curious to see what they do with that…

Comment by Bram Smeets — August 25, 2005

Why compare Sajax instead of CPAINT or others ? Sajax is dead I think, they’ve released 10 versions in 10 days and then stopped releasing anything :)

Comment by DivByZero — August 25, 2005

How about comparing tk with the echo2 widget set?

I’m thinking about porting a tcltk app to aejaks.

Thanks, Martin.

Comment by Martin Cleaver — January 25, 2007

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