Monday, October 3rd, 2005

Ajax getting a fresh look in the media

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Ajax is geting everywhere. C|Net has just published Ajax gives software a fresh look, where they delve into the world and promise of Ajax:

An emerging Web development technique promises to shake up the status quo in PC software and blur the line between desktop and Web applications.

Over the years, desktop applications tied to a specific operating system have become entrenched as the main way to work on a computer. Ajax, a set of development techniques standardized over the past eight years, could change all that by bringing more sophisticated interfaces to Web applications. With that, backers are hoping it can open a crack in the dominance of desktop software like Microsoft’s Office, the undisputed market leader.

“This is a space that’s crying out for innovation,” said Scott Dietzen, president of messaging start-up Zimbra. “At this point, there isn’t a company that’s up to challenging Microsoft. But we’re out to change that.”

Mash Ups

The interesting piece of the article was the discussion of Mash-ups, and how easy it is to do this with a web architecture. Your web based email can seemlessly pull in Google Maps, which can talk to your Calendar.

Meebo‘s co-founder Seth Sternberg, concluded with:

“The advent of Ajax has the ability to create a structural shift people didn’t see coming,” Meebo’s Sternberg said. “The Web wasn’t ever as functional or useful as client software, and Ajax just knocks that ball out of the park.”

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