Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Ajax in IE without ActiveX

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What about if you are worried about non-ActiveXians being able to use your cool Ajax cool on IE?

Kae Verens wrote about his experience writing Ajax in IE without ActiveX.

He then followed up noting that:

On Friday, I announced a non-ActiveX version of XMLHttpRequest, with the proviso that it would require server-side magic.

Sajax 0.10 (the current “stable� version) does not provide that needed fiddliness, but, perfect timing, really, Sajax 0.11 does.
I have hacked that code and improved it. Here is my amended Sajax.php. The improvements:

  • The script falls back to IFrames if ActiveX is not supported.
  • You may have multiple Sajax instances attached to the same document, with different source URLs.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:09 pm

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Relative url’s can play an evil trick :)
“Sajax.php” link is 404.

Comment by bubu — August 16, 2005

Sorry about that :)



Comment by Dion — August 16, 2005

nop, still no fixed ;)
Correct url is http://verens.com/demos/Sajax.phps

Comment by bubu — August 17, 2005

Here’s me doing the same thing over a year ago: Javascript and PHP Remote Procedure Calls ( http://richardathome.no-ip.com/index.php?article_id=317 )

Comment by Richard@Home — August 17, 2005

not quite, bubu. The important thing about this is not that it is an IFrame technique, but that it’s encapsulated in an XMLHTTPRequest framework. You call it and use it exactly as you would any other version of the interface.
btw: the source has been updated due to some slight bugs I noted.

Comment by Kae Verens — August 18, 2005

In AJAX, is it possible to contact an external server, a server other than the one that the page is hosted on?

I have a problem where I need to pre-empt an unfriendly error message from another page, and pre-reading the other page from the client would be the simplest way, so it seems…….


Comment by Colon Cleansing — May 5, 2006

Sajax.php => not work and error!

Comment by le khac nhu — June 11, 2006

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