Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Ajax in London: QCon and Ajax2007

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And, speaking of conferences, there are a couple of Ajax-related shows happening in London in the coming months.

Our friends over at InfoQ pointed us to the Ajax content they have at QCon, a dev conference this March 12-16 in London. This is one of the first Ajax-rich shows we’re aware of in England; Ajax heavy hitters Alex Russell (Dojo), Thomas Fuchs (, Joe Walker (DWR), Bruce Johnson (GWT), and others will be speaking.

The month after that, Ajax2007 happens (Apr. 17 – 18). This show has also got a lot of Ajax names, including Jesse James Garrett and Bill Scott (Rico; Yahoo! Ajax Evangelist); Dion and I will also be there to greet our legion of UK fans (i.e., Dion’s family).

So if you’re in the UK, a couple of great chances to network with the Ajax community coming up.

Update: Looks like the Ajax2007 event was just canceled; tough luck for the organizers. Is this a sign of the tech conference marketplace starting to tighten up, or just an isolated problem? Time will tell…

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How about having such conferences held in India as well?

Comment by techno_adi — February 8, 2007

Bit sad to see the QCon website not compatible with firefox

Comment by Gudbergur — February 8, 2007

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