Friday, June 17th, 2005

Ajax Isn’t Web 2.0

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Some folks have started using the term “Web 2.0” to describe the quantum leap in usability that ajaxian techniques facilitate. Whoops! According to Anne van Kesteren, that’s liable to make such folk fodder for pity and/or derision

Us? We laughed at the Web 2.0 comments before, but as we see more and more of the innovative techniques being demonstrated out there, and a set of next-generation UI technologies such as SVG and significant enhancements like canvas and E4X coming down the pipeline — and HTML 5/XHTML 2 in the works (the latter more exciting than the former) — it might not be a bad idea to label the movement Web 2.0. We are indeed seeing the next generation of techniques and technologies emerge.

If making a major version number leap required a completely new set of technologies, Microsoft has been mis-versioning their Office suite for more than a decade now. Of course, that’s another story… ;-)

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 9:38 am

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Actually, I think of ajax as the beginning of web 3.0 — Web 2.0 being the post-crash era of useful web applications, social services, and really, meta-services.

I see Web 3.0 as the “Era of rich web applications”

Comment by Matt — June 17, 2005

“AJAX isn’t web 2”

AJAX is PART OF web 2

So is XUL, SVG, E4X, XFORMS, etc.

Comment by GN — June 17, 2005

GN: Err, right, that’s why I referred to Web 2.0 as a movement and explicitly called out SVG, E4X, etc. as part of it.

Comment by Ben — June 17, 2005

Anne comments on these technologies being available for years. This is partially true. Browser support for xmlHttpRequest had just not been there yet a while ago, neither the required DOM support.

I think he makes somes big mistakes in his posting, by comparing Ajax with xForms, if you do this you don’t get the message behind Ajax. Ofcourse his xForms comparison was related to the general message on his blog “standards”, but hey.. people could do semantics and standards years ago too.

I do agree with his overall message though. Ajax is definately not the new web, it is far from. There are too many boundaries yet, and too much room for improvement to call it a Web 2.0.

The immense attention for Ajax is good, but I think there are too many people advocating the wrong side of Ajax. They still advocate smaller parts, and not the entire picture: usability.

Comment by M. Schopman — June 18, 2005

I describe web 2.0 as the services focused era of online activity enabled by ubiquitous broadband, dirt cheap storage, and tech innovations (like MP3 via RSS=podcasting, and like AJAX). So AJAX as part of Web 2.0 makes sense to me.

Comment by Marshall — June 19, 2005

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