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Ajax Libraries: How Portable?

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Leland Scott has done some serious research into portability of many Ajax libraries and frameworks out there. He built the list from several sources:

He came up with a grading system – “A” for DOM-compliant browsers that support the four majors (IE, FF, Safari, Opera) – down to “E” for IE-only. Of all the products reviewed, here are the ones that picked up an “A” rating:

Dojo Toolkit
DHTML Kitchen
DynAPI 3.0
How To Create
Open Cube
Todd Ditchendorf’s DHTML Gallery
Walter Zorn
X Library
Yahoo! User Interface Library

Look at Leland’s article for the full report.

He also explains the background for this study:

2005 started with the amazing and improbable reentrance of Javascript as a respectable tool for web application development. At its side was a new kid called Ajax, which was a fancy name for a greatly enhanced version of the layer tag’s src attribute from 1997. We have Google to thank for recognizing that the time was ripe, once again, to begin expanding the web application’s potential. With Google Maps and gMail, Google had the market power to showcase some truly amazing and Different apps that got a lot of geeks thinking “outside the box” again after many years.

And that’s when it hit me, some time last fall: The vision of a rich and OS-agnostic web was still possible, after all.

An Apple and Safari user, his pleasure gradually turned to disappointment as he discovered many libraries weren’t supporting the full suite of browsers, inspring the study.

I dove in and began checking out the large array of new toolkits that were available for Ajax and DHTML. It wasn’t long before I started worrying again. It turns out that some of these libraries actually supported only IE, or only IE and Firefox, or (in one case) only Safari. Most alarming was the large percentage of Ajax/DHTML libraries that failed to include Safari.

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Finally, a thorough review of the Libraries!

I’ve been needing somthing like this for a while. thanks!

Comment by ian — March 5, 2006

A very interesting entry. I guess things would have looked a little changed if IE compatibility would be measured against IE 5.5 and higher. I don’t have any rankings for the browser market shares, but I am almost sure that IE 5.5 has more market share than Opera. I would really like to see those ratings with this new hypothesis.



.w( the_mindstorm )p.

Comment by Alex Popescu — March 5, 2006

A side comment: while writting the comment, I see a really annoying effect: the Google ads keep flickerin on the left-side. For each keypressed. I think this is a bug ;-). And as for a bug report: FF 1.0.7 on Win XP SP2.



.w( the_mindstorm )p.

Comment by Alex Popescu — March 5, 2006

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Comment by onboom — March 6, 2006

You could build your own powerful reusable GUI classes to build graphics intensive application in the future. The following web page teaches you how you could build powerful reusable Ajax components:

I just thought that some of you fellow geeks like to play with new toys. The web site has nothing to sell now except to introduce new and innovative technologies.

Comment by John Davis — March 6, 2006

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Trackback by Jeroen van Wissen — March 6, 2006

Very interesting post.
It helps choosing the right framework for developing webbased applications. As a mac / safari user, it points me to compatible libraries.

Comment by Jeroen van Wissen — March 6, 2006

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Comment by wowo — March 6, 2006

Here’s a thought. Don’t use crappy Safari. Or… Safari makers finally make a good browser? Nahhh, probably option A is the best bet (most feasible).

Comment by Ryan Gahl — March 6, 2006

Ok, I must agree Ryan. But with Safari beeing the default browser on mac, and IE beeing the default on windows platforms. Useable webapplications should work and render right on them.

Comment by Jeroen van Wissen — March 6, 2006

Sorry, just being cynical. Gosh darn browser makers. Why is that we (the developer community at large) are STILL suffering from their inability (or unwillingness?) to get things right? This shouldn’t even be an article. Gosh darn browser makers.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — March 6, 2006

Ajax has gotten me noticed

After being here for well over 4 years I have finaly been noticed. I had done some Ajax research and I wanted it in a place that I could get to it where ever I was. So I placed it up on my website here. To my amazement it has been noticed.
It all start…

Trackback by Savage Vines — March 7, 2006

Listado de librerías Ajax/DHTML. Portabilidad y compatibilidad con los navegadores

Tras el completo listado de manuales y tutoriales sobre Ajax, me dispongo ahora a continuar la cadena refiriéndome a este artículo de Leland Scott, el cual ofrece una interesantísima lista de librerías y entornos para la programación con Ajax y J…

Trackback by DeltaBlog — March 31, 2006

Good site I found … Plan on coming back later.

Comment by shadows — January 19, 2007

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