Monday, February 6th, 2006

Ajax Magazine: AJAX powered chat applications reviewed

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Ajax Magazine has this new post today with their brief reviews on some of the Ajax-powered web-based chat applications that have popped up recently.

Many asked me about AJAX chat applications, I have already posted three implementations here but there is more solutions that I haven’t talked about. What is interesting in Chat applications that it involve real time data processing, so in this case AJAX will be one of the best solutions for such implementation.

They cover an extensive list, including the Google Blogogscoped AJAX “Sunset” chat, AJAX CSS Popup Chat, XHTML live Chat, Chategory AJAX Chat system, php Free Chat, and the AJAX instant messenger. For each, they briefly mention some of their features and how they’re set up (what it runs on, how it works). In some cases, they also link to the project’s page – several can be downloaded and used freely for any number of uses.

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I would like this article

Comment by Dong — February 16, 2006


Comment by asdf — March 15, 2006


i’ve programmed a CHAT with AJAX technology.
if you’re interested, klick here: AJAX Chat


Comment by Kai Tobias Burwieck — March 20, 2006

This one is hosted with web-admin, nice ajax chat with file transfer:
Demo chat room here:

Comment by AndersBoth — April 11, 2008

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