Monday, March 6th, 2006

Ajax Magazine Explores Amazon’s Web Service with Ajax

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On the Ajax Magazine site, there’s a series of posts over the period of a week that take a look at using Ajax to access the Amazon web services.

  • On Day One, they introduce the series, noting how they’ll use the prototype and nusoap PHP libraries to make the connections. They then provide the code for their first sample app, an implementation of the “Live Search” feature seen on many sites. The Ajax is used to get grab the contents of the field as the user is typing it in.
  • Day Two looks at a different kind of app – one that finds the price for an item in various countries that Amazon offers. Using the SOAP connection, they pull the data from a few different servers, and, again, the Ajax is used as a part of the “Live Search” functionality
  • In Day Three, they get a bit more technical and work with the Node Browser option of the Amazon Web Service. They use it to search for items and retrieve paginated results, making it easier to view the results. Ajax plays a larger part in this day, handling the actuall call back to a PHP scripts that fetches the results and building out the display of them on the page. (You can see a demo of this day’s app here)
  • Finally, on Day Four of the series, they take the previous day’s project and advance it a bit further by adding an Ajax sliderbar for filtering the search results. They make it filter on the price of the items, and, when the update button is clicked, change the results displayed to reflect this filtering. The slider he uses is a part of the Yahoo UI Library.

It’s a great series, and it covers things all the way from just a basic connection to the web service all the way out to searchable, filtered results via a combination of the flexibility of PHP and the power of Ajax.

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