Friday, January 13th, 2006

Ajax Navigation in WikiCalc 0.2

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Dan Bricklin has announced an upgrade of WikiCalc, the wiki framework with spreadsheet tendencies. The new version uses Ajax for navigation:

Reimplemented Cells tab to use AJAX. Navigating on the Cells tab by clicking on cells or using arrow keys no longer results in a repaint of the entire screen. Just the affected cells are changed. Operation should be somewhat similar to traditional standalone spreadsheets. See the Help on the Cells tab for more information.

It sounds like the Virtual Workspace idea we’ve seen in Google Maps and various data grids: hold the model server-side but give the illusion it’s inside the browser as the user navigates through it.

For some reason, Ajax is taking longer to penetrate the wikis than other genres, despite what are some pretty obvious benefits. (JotSpot is the notable exception.) This upgrade is a small step in the right direction.

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SWiK uses Ajax for every edit form as well as login.

Comment by Alex Bosworth — January 13, 2006

[…] Dan Bricklin’s spreadsheet-style wiki, wikicalc, is progressing nicely (we recently noted its Ajax-style navigation. There’s no public demo as yet, so for those of us (ahem) who’ve been too lazy to install it, there’s a good overview in Wednesday’s RocketBoom, a 4 minute video with interview and walkthrough. […]

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