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Ajax Office Roundup

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Reviews of Writely and others

InnerPhaze has a detailed
summary of the “Ajax Office” offerings
. There’s plenty of info here on
features and pros/cons. He’s focused on the word-processing side, rather than other Office-y genres like Spreadsheets and Presentations.


“This website produces
high quality output with almost no effort in part because we are careful not to
provide too many options.”

gOffice has some interesting features like free text you can use as a template
to get you started on whatever it is you are writing. There are hundreds of
these entries from apologies to sales letters, and even creative writing. One
of the things I liked the most was that you can donate your own original text
to the Free Text Library for others to use


“ThinkFree Office is a suite of MicrosoftÆ
Office-compatible applications, which includes word processing, spreadsheet,
presentation graphics and file management software that all look, feel and
behave just like MicrosoftÆ Office. Additionally, ThinkFree Office is
delivered and upgraded over the Internet, giving users an unprecedented level
of computing choice and freedom.

The first time you open ThinkFree Write you have to download a Java applet,
which can take a minute or two or three. It is supposed to be faster after this
point because the applet is cached on your local machine. It does get faster,
but not as fast as the strictly web based word processors or even the desktop
word processors … There are a lot of good things about this service. sign-up
is easy, you can save to Word, OpenOffice and pdf … Overall the minor
glitches are far outweighed by what ThinkFree offers in terms of features, ease
of use and polish. And although it is a bit slow at the start-line it is very
robust at the finish.


“Writely is not a carbon-copy of existing desktop solutions. Rather, Writely is
an innovative, Web-centric word processor that leverages the connected nature
of the Internet to provide online storage, editing, sharing and communication
of documents
– documents that users can now upload and save in multiple formats.” (Writely) Source

Writely is the hottest web word processor out there right now.It has many
great features, a clean interface, and is very responsive. They are adding
features all the time, and just recently added Save as a PDF feature, but as a
paid service … Overall Writely is a great service and I think it deserves the
buzz. I just hope they keep the main service free.

Zoho Writer:

“… an online Word Processor to Create, Format, Store & Share Documents
online.” -

Overall I am very impressed with Zoho Writer, it is very close to Writely
already in terms of features, and (like Writely) will be adding features all
the time.

37Signals’ Writeboard:

“Writeboards are sharable, web-based text documents that let you save every
roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. Write solo or collaborate
others.” -

There are nice features, like being able to keep all the revisions of a
text, collaborating with others, and subscribing via RSS, but overall this
could be more closely compared to Notepad than Word. If you just want quick and
simple this may be right for you.


“EyeOS is a free, cross-platform Personal Content Manager System based upon the
style of a Desktop Operating System. The base package includes the whole
System structure and ten apps, as a Calendar, a File Manager, a Text Editor, an
Internal Messenger, a Browser and a Calculator.
EyeOSs is thought to provide a complete, scalable and free (GPL Licensed)
Organization and Work System. Its scalable, so everyone can port an existing
app to EyeOS and create a meta-package for installing it.” (from

(R)ight now you need your own server with PHP 4.2.0 or better to host EyeOS
… The word processor in EyeOS is called EyeEdit and is described as a text
editor, but it is really a full featured word processor, (much more feature
rich than Writeboard for example) … Probably the neatest thing is called
EyeApps, which enable you to download and install programs into your EyeOS.

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Why not just link to the post instead of copying most of it? Perhaps InnerPhaze would appreciate some traffic as well.

Comment by Josh — December 25, 2005

all of these are stuck in the toy phase and will never emerge, because the browser DOM model is not an efficient place to read in large documents of any kind. an amusing technology demonstration but thats it.

Comment by grumpY! — December 25, 2005

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Comment by Joachim Richter — June 6, 2006

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