Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Ajax on the Pocket PC

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Opera came out with their Mobile SDK last week, allowing us to think about the Ajax development model on the mobile phone.


Does IE Mobile Support AJAX? … YES

We’ve recently been getting questions regarding whether IE Mobile (aka Pocket IE, PIE, IEMO) supports AJAX. The answer: Yes, PocketPC and Smartphone devices 2003 and later, support AJAX.

If you are wondering how you can use AJAX on your website and have it function well from your Windows Mobile browser, here are a couple things you should know:

  1. On Smartphone/PocketPC 2003
    • innerText and innerHTML Properties are only supported on div and span elements
    • Form elements are scriptable as well
  2. On Windows Mobile 5
    • innerText and innerHTML Properties are supported on all elements
    • In addition there is support for document.all and the style object

Watch the IE Mobile Team blog for further details on our DOM support.

Mobile Ajax Example

Microsoft put up a working demo for an example of accessing the current K-Index for a given location so that people can know if there is a geomagnetic storm occurring near the poles.

Full code examples are given.

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Oh if only I’d know this a month ago I wouldn’t have complained about not getting AJAX apps on my PocketPC… shame it was a Java Developers Journal editorial :)


Comment by Jason Bell — November 23, 2005

Very interesting!!!
Have couple of questions:
1. Do you mean Symbian with Smartphone?
2. Do mobile “browsers” support DOM features like AppendChild, RemoveChild, CreateElement?

Comment by Ste — November 24, 2005

i tried it on my ppc, it work perfect. thank u.

Comment by Mohammed — March 27, 2006


Did not udersatnd anything here.
bye :)

Comment by Mir Rahul — May 23, 2006


I’m new to Pocket PC and SmartPhone. Is there a emulator I can use to test my html pages, javascript, AJAX & etc.?

Thank you

Comment by Jeff — June 28, 2006

This would make an interesting sample if everything could be done on the device (web server, etc).

Comment by Adventure City Tours — April 19, 2007

Unfortunately, the online demo is not working. I tried other AJAX demos on my Windows mobile but :( no luck. Non of them works!

Comment by bashar — May 16, 2007 has free downloads for windows mobile phones

Comment by john — June 21, 2007

That’s complete Bull shit! When MS says PIE is AJAX compatible, they should mean the current AJAX coded sites should be rendered properly and not that new techniques seperately used for AJAX methods will only render best on Pocket PC. To date, PIE sucks.. NetFront 3.5 or Opera 8.5 will win!


Comment by Carty — April 7, 2008

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