Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Ajax Optimization Techniques Talk (OSCON 2006)

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On the SitePoint Blogs today, “live” from this year’s OSCON, there’s a new post covering the talk from Kevin Henrikson concerning how to squeeze the most out of your Ajax connections – a few handy optimization techniques.

Kevin Henrikson of Zimbra gave a brisk presentation covering some of the lessons his organization has learned and the “dirty tricks” it has implemented to improve the performance of web applications that rely on large JavaScript/CSS codebases. Here’s a quick run-down of the items he covered. The slides of the talk are up on the Zimbra blog.

Among the tips mentioned are:

  • using a web page analyzer to find the trouble spots in your pages
  • Javascript compression tools to reduce the size even more
  • properly structured HTML to make for faster rendering times

The post also mentions two of the case studies Kevin did – one centered around a blog post he did on optimization and the other on Check out the slides for the full story…

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Wow.. thats still really surface level.. There’s a lot of stuff around choosing the right kind of inheritence, using XSLT to draw HTML, throttling and such that can dramatically impact performance.. It would be cool if someone gave a talk on some of these deeper issues?

Comment by Alexei — July 27, 2006

Indeed. Consolidating files to reduce HTTP overhead was one of the first tricks I learned “back in the day.” I’d be more interested in an article that explores design patterns for pooling asynchronous connections, or client-side Javascript object caching methods.

Comment by Nick Husher — July 27, 2006

@Alexei – I agree that these are the basics of optimization for AJAX sites or web apps in general. That was the intent. Far more AJAX apps and sites today don’t use these simple techniques than do so I felt such a focus was a better fit for a wide audience. A deeper more advanced talk may fit better with a crowd at the Ajax Experience.

@Nick – Similar to my above comment the basic nature of the talk was the intent. The two techniques you mention we use at Zimbra today. I’ll add them to the list for a future blog topic.

Comment by Kevin Henrikson — July 27, 2006

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