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Ajax Pattern Screencasts

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Andre @ eBusiness has released some nice, simple, screencasts illustrating various Ajax patterns at work. As supporting material for patterns, screencasts like this make a good complement to images and working demos.

These are a couple AJAX patterns that Alexei and I put together for a an AJAX business case webinar we did with Jupiter Media a couple weeks ago.

Master Detail or Drill Down Pattern

  • Retrieve related information on-demand.

Inline Editing Pattern and Real-Time Saving

  • Work with database data right on the webpage without having to post back to the server.
  • When a user makes a change to data, its automatically saved without the user having to do anything.

Copy and Paste Pattern

  • Rich interoperability with desktop apps and the browser via Auto-save and XML

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Personally I’m not a big fan of seeing these types of things on this site because they are advertisements to conrols and such. Not cool… this is one that I’ve seen in the past and although it’s really nice I would never pay the money they are asking for the control.

Comment by Rob — April 26, 2006

It’s interesting though becuase there is actually quite a large commercial market behind all the free stuff, which includes guys like EBA, Backbase, Zimbra, AjaxFaces, etc etc. Are we to not discuss them because they’re commercial? Would that be in our best interests?

Comment by Alex — April 26, 2006

Rob, the way I see it, it’s a good thing if commercial companies are adding value, engaging with the Ajax developer community, and presenting their tech in ways that provide value to people whether they’re using it or not. OTOH, when companies hide their tech behind PDF whitepapers, difficult-to-access demos, and bland press releases, that’s when you’re probably not going to hear much about them.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — April 26, 2006

Alex and Michael, I agree with what the two of you have said and believe that too, but I personally like to see the Open Source stuff more than I do that commercial stuff. Especially here… My preference really. Like a lot of people here, I use Linux, MySQL, Apache and PHP… Open Source is an enabler… When I see things like this I know it’s a behind the scenes way to advertise and well… I don’t like it : ) But hey… that’s what makes the world go round’ I guess. Thanks for the responses to my comments guys! Take care : )

Comment by Rob — April 26, 2006

Are these really “patterns?” They seem more like “good ideas you might try with AJAX.” Maybe I’m too much of a GoF purist, but these seem just too light weight. Are they really patterns that solve design problem? Design problems of non-AJAX web pages (err, what’s a post back in AJAX?), sure, but not AJAX design problems.

The pattern Wiki you have up on your title bar is, in my opinion, a better source. For example, how do you perform asynchronous processing in a servlet container? Async update calls for it, wants it, needs it.

I recently put together a little AJAX app that used the Mule ESB to do some of this async processing. Very sweet.

I’ll probably included something about it in my Echo2 tutorial series.

Comment by dkappe — April 26, 2006

dkappe, I was going to say the same thing. These aren’t patterns. These are product demos. Relationship diagrams? Downsides? Sample code?
Someone reasonably experienced in Ajax knows what’s going on behind the scenes, but then, they’ve probably already thought of or implemented something similar in their own projects.

Comment by Matthew Ratzloff — April 27, 2006

I should note that I’m responding to their blog post, not this one (which accurately points out that these demos are just supplemental material).

Comment by Matthew Ratzloff — April 27, 2006

[…] Vandaag op Ajaxian staat een link naar iemand die 3 screencasts heeft gemaakt van zogenaamde “AJAX patronen”. […]

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I definitely think these are not AJAX patterns, but interface patterns, whether they are implemented using AJAX or not is not relevant from an interface perspective.

Comment by Nelson Rodríguez-Peña — April 28, 2006

Hi Nelson, I totally agree. The AJAX part is how it’s implemented technically which doesn’t actually change the interfaces pattern. Where the fact that AJAX is used becomes relevant is when you need to apply design constraints. There are certain limitations to an AJAX UI that wouldn’t be there in a desktop environment or even Flash/FLex for that matter.

Comment by Andre Charland — April 28, 2006

[…] Blog Name: Ajaxian Article Title: Ajax Pattern Screencasts Andre @ eBusiness has released some nice, simple, screencasts illustrating various Ajax patterns at work. As supporting material for patterns, screencasts like this make a good complement to images and working demos. […]

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