Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Ajax Patterns Reader

Category: Examples

Michael Mahemoff is a busy man on the patterns side of Ajax, and even ended up with the typical Ajax example: an ajax patterns reader!

The reader grabs the AjaxPatterns.org content and presents them Ajax-style. You actually queue up patterns in a playlist and click “Next” to “play” them. Yeah, a bit contrived, but it helped illustrate quite a few patterns! If I have time, I’d like to enhance it into a proper reader, and also offer an easy interface to leave feedback, which would be automatically appended to the wiki’s Discussion tab for that pattern.

Michael then created a ghost enabled version that uses the Service Test pattern.

Diagnosis Patterns

Testing Patterns

  • Simulation Service Develop the browser application against “fake” web services that simulate the actual services used in production.
  • Browser-Side Test Create automated tests of browser-side Javascript components.
  • Service Test Build up automated tests of web services, using HTTP clients to interact with the server as the browser normally would.
  • System Test Build automated tests to simulate user behaviour and verify the results.


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Very nice. Makes it easy to study the different documented patterns.

Comment by John Christopher — November 9, 2005

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