Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Ajax Pet Store

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Pet Stores are pretty much ubiquitous in the middleware/web framework world, and there are now some Ajaxified Pet Stores to play with.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 3:46 pm

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hi dion,

    it was about time that an AJAX petstore happened. It will be nice to have a petstore where multiple AJAX libraries can be applied and compared. That will be cool.

    It will be even better if the examples can be extended to other languages like rails/php/python, etc


Comment by Anjan Bacchu — March 14, 2006

The new location of the Backbase Pet Store is http://www.backbase.com/demos/petshop/

Comment by Jep Castelein — March 14, 2006

The URL for the demo is:

When visitors visit this above URL, there are code that detects whether JavaScript is enabled or disabled and redirect accordingly. The app works in the traditional way when JavaScript is disabled and is “ajaxified” when JavaScript is enabled on the client’s browsers.

Comment by Kevin H. Le — March 14, 2006

Wow, the firsst AJAX-free AJAX-demo!

As unresponsive as the classic PetShop.

Comment by Carsten Saager — March 15, 2006

When Javascript is disabled in the middle of Ajax conversation, the whole thing just freezes.

Comment by Michael Jouravlev — March 15, 2006

Thanks Jep, I added the link.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — March 15, 2006

Did anyone bother to notice that this breaks one of the first rules of AJAX use and accessibility? The back button doesn’t work with their site.

Comment by jaredmellentine — March 15, 2006

> Did anyone bother to notice that this breaks one of the first
> rules of AJAX use and accessibility?

Huh? Rules for Ajax accessibility?

> The back button doesn’t work with their site.

Who said that it should? For ten years developers were fighting with Back button, because browsers have been providing it for easy navigation over hyperdocuments, not for resubmitting stale forms. Now with Ajax this annoyance to say the least, can be alleviated.

Comment by Michael Jouravlev — March 16, 2006

To Carsten Saager: The demo should work on all Firefox 1.x and IE 6.x. I only run into ONE instance where the demo fails, which is IE 6.x on WinXP pro with SP2. Can you please describe the browser you were using?

To Michael Jouravlev: As I tried to state somewhere on this page (http://pragmaticobjects.com/index.php?page=Pragmatic_Petstore), when the users disable and enable JavaScript on the browser, they are required to “refresh” by clicking on the parrot image or the title on the top left of the page. In the middle of an Ajax conversation (i.e. during a very short period of time when the “Loading” visual vue is displayed ?), I’m not sure how anyone has enough time to change the JavaScript configuration.

Comment by Kevin H. Le — March 17, 2006

Sun has just released its own AJAX-enabled Java EE 5 Pet Store. Check it out:

Larry Freeman
Sun Microsystems

Comment by Larry Freeman — May 16, 2006

Like the look of the site and the information. Just wanted to say keep up the good work!


Comment by Pets — May 17, 2006

Ajax free lol, great post thanks

Comment by Dog Owners News — September 21, 2007

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Comment by SEOTraining — January 17, 2008

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