Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Ajax Pioneer Week: Alex Russell of Dojo

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Last, but never least, is Alex Russell of the Dojo Toolkit and SitePen. In Alex’s five minutes of video footage for our JavaOne talk, he explained how Dojo enables you to built fantastic, responsive applications for everyone. The everyone piece revolves around accessibility too, which is core to Dojo thanks to work from Becky Gibson and others on the team.

The Dojo grid and charting packages are very rich these days, and continue to get better. Alex also noted in a separate discussion how there are subtle advantages to the charting package such as being able to print the darn things out nicely. Other flashier products may not allow that minor feature.

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where are the videos?

Comment by Nir Tayeb — May 8, 2008

It’s interesting that Dojo integration with Django is the exciting news and in the Sam Stephenson interview we learn that Prototype is becoming more independent of Rails.

Is there a Rails backlash going on?

Comment by HG — May 9, 2008

hey HG:

so just to clarify a bit, we’ve ported Django’s templating language to Dojo but we haven’t heard anything from the Django team with regards to their Ajax toolkit plans. Obviously, this new Dojo module makes it something of a no-brainer to use Django with Dojo, but it’ll be up to end-users to use them together.

That said, we’d LOVE to work with the Django team on adding things like helpers for Django models and other types of integration which would make building really sophisicated UI’s much easier.


Comment by slightlyoff — May 9, 2008

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