Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Ajax Powered IP to Location

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Matt Inman put together a clean little Ajax powered IP to Location app.

It shows off the Google Maps JavaScript API, and how simple it is to programatically tie in.

IP 2 Location

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:28 am

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Just splendid use of Ajax !

Comment by Sunny — January 24, 2006

Where does it get the IP to location mapping? This is very accurate..

Comment by joost — January 24, 2006

This is exactly what gvisit.com service does with AJAX and PHP. Pretty cool. Always scares me that some one could drill down to my local suburb based on my IP number!

Comment by Ajaxster — January 24, 2006

Does it really work for you? I typed in a German IP and it told me the location was in the states :D

Comment by Dominik Hahn — January 24, 2006

Go read wikipedia on DNS to understand how this works:


Comment by Rob Sanheim — January 24, 2006

Great use of AJAX!!

Comment by Arpan Joshi — January 24, 2006

Well, it got me being in Toronto which is right, but the actual location within toronto was way off – thankfully :P

Comment by kaniz — January 24, 2006

So what happens when you use :-D

Comment by Reader — January 24, 2006

“Where does it get the IP to location mapping? This is very accurate..”
I echo him – where does it get the ip location from?

Comment by Henrik — January 24, 2006

Interesting randomization function. I enter an address – and then entered the 243 and 244 addresses and then went back to 242. The location shifted a bit each time I brought up the IP address again.

Very cool app though.

Comment by Steve Benfield — January 24, 2006

Hey All,
The data is from a GeoIP database you can get from maxmind (www.maxmind.com). I’m glad you’re all enjoying the tool. :)

Matt Inman

Comment by Matt Inman — January 25, 2006

[…] Source […]

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Yes i would also enjoy seeing the source of this

Comment by PezoFaSho — February 18, 2006


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Comment by Nirmal — March 2, 2006

You can get more accurate data from http://www.ip2location.com.

Comment by Jim — March 19, 2006

My firewall picked up the IP address so I entered on this only thing I go was US then Chicago, IL nothing further .

Comment by gopal — June 23, 2006

Hello how r u Nice web site

Comment by shahzad — July 15, 2006

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