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Ajax Programming With Passion: Free Online Course

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Sang Shin is offering a free ten-week course on Ajax, starting in a couple of weeks time. It will cover fundamental technologies and some of the popular libraries and frameworks out there. Looking at the curriculum, there’s a Java focus on the server-side – DWR, Wicket, JMaki, JSF, and GWT all feature. Sang’s a Sun employee, but runs these courses in his spare time.

A free 10-week “AJAX Programming” online course is about to start from August 4th, 2006. This course is for anyone who wants to learn AJAX for the first time or increase their knowledge on AJAX. In this 10-week course, students learn basic concept of AJAX as well as how to use various AJAX frameworks and toolkits such as Dojo toolkit, jMaki, Google Web Toolkit, and AJAX-fied JavaServer Faces (JSF) components.

This course runs very much like a regular college course in which the students are expected to do weekly homeworks after studying the presentation material but it is free and can be taken online. There is also class group alias where students can ask/answer questions. The complete set of course contents (StarOffice slides with detailed speaker notes and flash demo files, hands-on labs, homework assignments, etc.) are available on the website of the course. The only thing you have to do in order to register for the course is sending an blank email to

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This is greate offer.You will be very helpful to people like me who really want to learn ajax.

Thank you very much.


Comment by Rajendrasinh padhiar — July 16, 2006

Ten weeks? Is Ajax development has to be that complex?

Some companies are working hard at reducing that time to few hours.

One of them says, don’t use any technology that can’t be learned in hours:

Comment by Anil Agarwal — July 16, 2006

I am lookin forward for this course.

thanx and regards,
Deepak Semwal.

Comment by deepak semwal — July 17, 2006

Dear Prof. Shin,

After attending J2ee Programming with Passion!! in person in Boston, I am very much looking forward to attending your online offering of Ajax with Passion!! …

Best Regards,

Comment by Rakhi Sharma — July 17, 2006

This is fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity.

Comment by Jeff — July 17, 2006

dev: free AJAX online-course

Sang Shin, technology architect & evangelist at Sun Microsystems, is going to offer a free 10 week online-course on mastering AJAX, starting august 4th. the course is spread over 11 classes, containing about 40 hours of learning-material (PDF-slid…

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I think it is very good. So thanks for Mr. Shin.


Comment by supandi daulay — July 24, 2006

I like to be join this course.I have sent request for registering myself

Comment by sweta — January 16, 2007

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