Sunday, November 13th, 2005

Ajax-S: Ajaxian slideshow software

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Robert Nyman has released an AJAX-based slideshow package called Ajax-S.

What about Eric Meyers S5 I hear you cry!

Robert mentions that:

The idea came to me because I wanted a lightweight slideshow based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but I also wanted to separate the data of each page from the actual code that presents it. Therefore, I decided to move the data into an XML file and then use AJAX to retrieve it. The name AJAX-S is short for AJAX-Slides (or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Slides, if you want to).

Naturally, one of my inspirations for creating a HTML-based slideshow are from Eric Meyer and his S5. However, I wanted to take it one notch further, to make it more flexible and also usable for people with no HTML knowledge whatsoever. Another motivating factor was to just transform the data for the current page, as opposed to creating all the HTML needed for all the pages when the page is initially loaded. A leaner end user experience, basically.

It only works in IE 6 and Mozilla-based web browsers as of now. This is because of the need to do on the fly transformations on the client, which means the necessary support for ActiveXObject or XSLTProcessor has to be there.


Presentacular: S5 +

Juan Manuel Caicedo actually tweaked S5 itself to create Presentacular.

He munged into , allowing you to use their effects within your presentation.

View a demo of a Presentacular presentation

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What I’d like to see now is an AJAX-style interface to create and edit such presentations online.

Comment by Julien Couvreur — November 13, 2005


Yeah, a nice WYSIWYG editor would be nice wouldn’t it.

Although for some things it is easier to just hack in simple XML documents!


Comment by Dion Almaer — November 13, 2005

An editor would be really nice, I’ve found editing S5 html by hand to be a bit tedious and disrupts my “flow” when I’m just trying to get a bunch of slides down and not worry about markup. I often switch to powerpoint just so I don’t have to worry about editing html while I get ideas down.

Comment by Rob — November 14, 2005

First off, Ajax-S looks nice but won’t work on Safari. Probably the first html-based presentation tool that’s not cross-browser. Back to PowerPoint.. just kidding.

A WYSIWYG editor? No thanks. Just not powerful enough to compete with my text editor of choice.

Authoring should definitely be simplified, but I’d prefer something like Markdown over XML.

Comment by otto — November 23, 2005

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