Monday, February 27th, 2006

Ajax Scaffold Generator

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>Richard White has created an Ajax Scaffold Generator for Ruby on Rails. This takes the default scaffolding that Rails produces, and turns it up a notch. Now your admin pages can do a lot of CRUD on the same page.

The latest 2.0 version of the tool features:

  • The generated scaffold code looks production ready: valid XHTML, CSS, fully styled.
  • It now uses a <table>
  • Its designed to be used as a component so you can easily create an admin console with a couple generated scaffolds.
  • A number of CSS styles have already been included for commonly used elements like required field labels, example field input and for some basic form layout control (explained later in this article).
  • Works on Firefox 1+, IE 6+ and Safari 2+ (It make work on others, but I haven’t tested anywhere else, so let me know what you find out)

Ajax Scaffold Generator

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[...] I’ve been a little later than some other blogs in posting about this new scaffold generator released by, but thats because I’ve been busy tinkering with it and using it in one of my projects. [...]

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great tool!

Comment by Camilo — February 6, 2007

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